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131 FUN-damental Facts for Catholic Kids (Fun Facts)

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Part of the Fun Facts Series! Questioning is the first step to knowledge. The word "fundamental" means basic, essential, deep-rooted, the foundation of a structure. In 131 FUN-damental Facts for Catholic Kids popular children's author Bernadette McCarver Snyder answers questions about basic things kids might see in a Catholic Church...and in a fun, yet reverent way. They may be surprised to see a lion or a lily, a banner or a boat, a fish or a fountain in a church. But just wait till they hear about monstrances and aspergillums, epistles and apostles, pulpits and pyxes!

This book is for all children who have questions about the Church and the adults who are looking for answers.

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Fun Facts Set

ISBN: 9780764815027
Author: Bernadette McCarver Snyder
Format: Softcover
Pages: 144
Language: English

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