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50 Questions on the Natural Law, Revised Edition

50 Questions on the Natural Law, Revised Edition

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Charles Rice, a professor of the jurisprudence of Saint Thomas Aquinas for the last thirty years at Notre Dame Law School, presents a very readable book on the natural law as seen through the teachings of Aquinas and their foundations in reason and revelation. Reflecting on the most persistent questions asked by his students over the years, Rice shows how the natural law works and how it is rooted in the nature of the human person whose Creator provided this law as a sure and knowable guide for man to achieve his end of eternal happiness.

This book presents the teachings of the Catholic Church in her role as authoritative interpreter of the applications of the natural law on issues involving the right to life, bioethics, the family and the economy. Rice has produced a firmly grounded and accessible handbook which touches on the most important topics regarding natural law that will benefit readers of all backgrounds.

"I heartily endorse Professor Rice's book. This is just what we need today. It presents the answers to current day questions on why we should talk about natural law and why it is essential for today's jurisprudence. This is necessary for an understanding of the precarious directions of judicial decision in our time."
-- Fr. Michael J. Scanlon, T.O.R. (President, Franciscan University of Steubenville)

- Does anybody really care about natural law?
- Isn't natural law just another Catholic dogma?
- Is the natural law the same for everybody?
- What is the "common good" that the human law is supposed to promote?
- What about animals? Don't they have rights?
- Isn't the bottom line the fact that the law should NOT legislate morality?
- Aren't natural law concepts part of the Constitution itself?
- So what if a man has a spiritual soul -- what difference does that make?
- Do you really claim that we can prove from reason alone that God exists?
- What does original sin have to do with our understanding of natural law?
- Where does Christ fit into the natural law picture?
- How can it be 'right' for the Pope to tell me what the natural law means? Don't I have to follow my own conscience?
- Is there really a right or wrong that is the same for everybody? Doesn't it depend on the person and situation?
- Why does the Church put so much emphasis on contraception? Why does the Church oppose it?
- Isn't natural family planning the same as contraception?
- How does the Magisterium apply the natural law to euthanasia?
- If the Church is so pro-life and wants children, why can't we use in vitro fertilization, surrogate motherhood, and other techniques, if necessary?
- and many more!

ISBN: 898707501
Author: Charles Rice
Format: Softcover
Pages: 360
Language: English

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Reviews - 50 Questions on the Natural Law, Revised Edition

This item has not been rated.
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