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Matthew - The King and His Kingdom 24-Week Course

Matthew - The King and His Kingdom 24-Week Course

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Product Description

Building on the foundation laid in The Great Adventure bible Timeline, this next study in the Great Adventure series, Adventures in Matthew: The King and His Kingdom by Jeff Cavins, focuses on Jesus as the fulfillment of the promises of the Old Testament. It also touches on Jesus' establishment of the Church as the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, making it an excellent introduction to the Great Adventures study on the acts of the Apostles. Set in the rich context of Jesus' Jewish culture, this study will help you understand the universal truths of the Kingdom of God; it will help you understand more fully God's will for us today.


  • Go deeper into the story of Salvation History and discover the riches of the Gospel message.
  • Enrich your spiritual life through a better understanding of the life of Christ.
  • Develop a greater appreciation for the Church and the sacraments as you see them being instituted by our Lord.
  • Come to a deeper understanding of your role in the Kingdom of God through the Beatitudes and all of the teachings of Christ.

Available as: 12 DVDs (Item #4003430), 24 CDs (Item #8001757), or Study Set with Binder (Item #1011240). Each sold separately. The Customized Binder includes the Adventures in Matthew Study Questions and Responses (each is 100 pages, 8.5 x 11") and will follow along with each of the 24 talks in the CD or DVD series.

The 24 Topics covered in the 12-DVD Series include:

DVD 1 - Introduction and Mt.1: Jesus; the Son of David, the Son of Abraham
DVD 2 - Mt. 2: The King in Exile and Mt. 3: John: The Forerunner to the King
DVD 3 - Mt. 4: The Tempting of the King and Mt. 5: The Br is Raised by the King
DVD 4 - Mt. 6: Personal Piety and Mt. 7: Choices in the Kingdom
DVD 5 - Mt. 8: The King's Power Demonstrated and Mt. 9: New Wine, New Wineskins
DVD 6 - Mt. 10: Jesus Commissions the Twelve and Mt. 11-12: Jesus Confronts an Evil Generation
DVD 7 - Mt. 13: Parables of the Kingdom and Mt. 14-15: Miracles and Ministry
DVD 8 - Mt. 16: Jesus Establishes the Church and Mt. 17: The Transfiguration
DVD 9 - Mt. 18: Characteristics of the Christian Community and Mt. 19: Marriage: a Demonstration of God's Love
DVD 10 - Mt. 20-21: Stepping Down into Greatness and Mt. 22-23: "Let's Get Real"
DVD 11 - Mt. 24-25: Jesus Predicts the End of an Era and Mt. 26: The Trial of the Christ
DVD 12 - Mt. 27: The Passion of the King and Mt. 28: Conclusion: The Triumph of the King

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Author: Jeff Cavins
  • Language: English

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Reviews - Matthew - The King and His Kingdom 24-Week Course

Average Customer Rating
(5.00/5 Stars, 2 Ratings) Based on 2 Reviews

St. Matthew

Review: Well-suited to Catholic adult faith formation in a parish setting. Our group ranges in age from high school sophomores to grandparents. We have studied other programs taught by Jeff Cavins and highly recommend his study of St. Matthew's gospel. Pros: Theologically sound

Very informative, and I learned a lot.

Review: This gives a student an excellent background on St Matthew, and goes beyoud the surface. The cd's can be listen to on the go or at a desk with a Bible and notes. Cons: Expensive; Pros: High Quality
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