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Antique Finish Cross with Alpha and Omega on 26 inch cord

Antique Finish Cross with Alpha and Omega on 26 inch cord

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Product Description

This unique antique finish cross features many ancient symbols of Christianity. The center of the cross is an Agnus Dei cross, or Lamb Cross. Unlike a crucifix, which depicts Jesus in extreme pain to remind us of His suffering for our sins, a Lamb Cross is meant to remind us of how meekly and humbly Jesus accepted His role on the cross. Above the Lamb cross is a dove, the traditional symbol of the Holy Spirit. The left and right arms of the cross bear the Greek letters for the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. And at the bottom of this antique cross are two fish, a symbol used to recognize Christians since biblical times. The drawings are in an antique style similar to those found in the Christian catacombs, and therefore do not have intricate details. The antique finish cross is crafted in Brazil and strung on a 26” black nylon cord for durability and easy wear. Cross measures 1 5/8" x 1 1/4"

Color: Gold

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Reviews - Antique Finish Cross with Alpha and Omega on 26 inch cord

Average Customer Rating
(4.63/5 Stars, 8 Ratings) Based on 8 Reviews

Beautiful Bling

Review: I have it hanging on a hook, which is where I say my prayers Pros: Durable

Love this cross

Review: This is exactly what I was looking for. I have purchased four of them for myself, my son and son-in-law and one to keep in case I lose mine. It is the perfect size and I can modify the cord to the length I want. The symbology on the cross pretty much says it all and opens the door for evangelism when people ask what the symbols mean.


Review: I probably will buy another. This item says a lot.

What a beautiful reminder of His Love

Review: What appealed to me the most are the all-encompassing symbols of Christ: the Alpha & Omega, the Agnus Dei, the is the Gospel on a cross!

Unusual beauty

Review: This antique appearing cross is unique in its beauty in that it doesn't resemble the typical plain gold or silver cross that most people wear. The designs on the cross stand out. It is incredibly light, you hardly feel as tho you are wearing it. And its price makes it ideal.

Antique finish cross

Review: Larger than I thought, very nice. Pros: Larger than I thought it, Love It

Great item for the level of gift.

Review: great timing

Great purchase!!!

Review: Bought for my grandson's birthday, 18 years old, and he always wears this antique Christianity cross necklace. Pros: Is Antique, Very Male
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