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Basic Apologetics - How to Defend the Catholic Faith

Basic Apologetics - How to Defend the Catholic Faith

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Product Description

How confident are you in your ability to refute Protestant claims and effectively demonstrate Catholicism from Scripture? If you're a believing Catholic, sooner or later you're going to be challenged about your faith. You may even come up against an anti-Catholic attack from someone who seems to have the whole Bible memorized! Too many Catholics are left feeling intimidated and overwhelmed -- and far too many fall prey to the anti-Catholic's deceptively devastating Biblical testimony and wind up leaving the Church. In other words, if you want to stay a believing Catholic you need to know more than just what the Church teaches… but why!

The Answer

But how do you answer charges that Catholic beliefs aren't Biblical? Especially when those objections are backed up with Bible verses that seem to go against Church teaching? The answer is Catholic biblical apologetics! And that's what you'll find in the brand new book, Basic Apologetics: How to Defend the Catholic Faith from the Bible!


The word "apologetics" comes from a Greek word that means, "to give a reasoned defense." And since the most common objections to the Catholic faith come from non-Catholic Christians who claim to accept the Bible alone as their sole authority, this handy introduction to Catholic Apologetics focuses mainly on the biblical evidence for Catholic beliefs and practices. In this user-friendly book, you'll find topics such as Mary; Statues and Relics; Purgatory; the Papacy and Church Authority; Tradition and the Bible; Faith and Works; Baptism; Confession; The Holy Eucharist; Marriage and Divorce; the Priesthood and more.

Become an Effective Apologist

The sixty fundamental questions and objections answered in this book are arranged by topic with an index to quickly locate the questions you need answered most. Finally, the book also includes a list of ten helpful tips on how to become a truly effective Catholic apologist.

Basic Apologetics is adapted from the best-selling Apologetics Bible Cards™. Set 1 and Set 2
Together they are an unbeatable method for learning Catholic biblical apologetics fast and easy. Order Basic Apologetics: How to Defend the Catholic Faith from the Bible now and you'll quickly learn key Bible verses, be able to effectively answer questions and objections, and defend against biblical attacks on the teaching of the Church!


Is the Bible alone the only authoritative source of God's word?
The Catholic Church has had bad popes and many scandals.
How can it be the Church that Christ established?
How could Mary be sinless? Doesn't the Bible say, "all have sinned"?
Where is the Catholic belief in Purgatory found in the Bible?
Why do Catholics call their priests "Father" when the Bible says; "call no man father"?
Isn't the Catholic use of relics superstitious?
If God alone can forgive sins, why do Catholics confess their sins to a mere man?
What are the origins of the leadership in the Catholic Church of today?
In the Bible people are called to be fruitful and multiply, so why are Catholic priests celibate?
And much more…

Dimensions & Specifications

  • ISBN: 9781570586347
  • Author: Various Authors
  • Format: Softcover
  • Pages: 40
  • Language: English
  • Topic: Evangelization

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Reviews - Basic Apologetics - How to Defend the Catholic Faith

Average Customer Rating
(4.67/5 Stars, 3 Ratings) Based on 3 Reviews

Great place to start

Review: This book was a good place to start for answers to some basic questions that I had. It definitely helped me to explain the reasons behind some of the things that we believe as Catholics to a friend of mine. Best Uses: Reference; Describe Yourself: Casual Reader; Pros: Easy To Read, Informative, Well Written

Every Catholic should have a copy

Review: Full of wonderful information. Best Uses: Gift, Older Readers, Reference, Younger Readers; Describe Yourself: Everyday Reader; Pros: Deserves Multiple Readings, Easy To Read, Informative, Well Written

A very good intro to Apologetics

Review: [...] Best Uses: Education; Describe Yourself: Avid Reader; Pros: Classic
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