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Baptism Gifts and Their Importance

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Baptism is one of the few sacraments of the Faith which one only receives once. Continue reading

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Saint John the Evangelist and Beloved Disciple

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Saint John the Evangelist is also known as Saint John the Apostle and the Beloved Disciple. Continue reading

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Saint Victoria Remembered for Persevering Through Abuse

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Saint Victoria is one of the few saints to have their murderer also face death and illness directly following the act. Continue reading

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Birthstone Rosaries Guide

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Rosaries are one of the oldest and most fascinating tools of prayer used by countless Faithful of the Catholic Church. Continue reading

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New Roman Missal Review

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It has now been many weeks since the introduction of the new roman missal and the reception seems to be rather sporadic all across the board. Continue reading

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The Mystery of the Holy Face of Jesus

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Recently, I have become fascinated by the little-known Catholic devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus. Continue reading

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Keeping Focused During Mass

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One of the most important hours in our week is that hour during the Holy Mass. We as Catholics are familiar with the Mass and the Holy Obligation to attend mass every Sunday at least. Continue reading

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