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The First Christian Martyrs of the Church at Rome

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Like the martyrdom of the Apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul (see previous post here),  a great number of Christians perished at the hands of Nero during the terrible persecution that lasted from the years 64-68 A.D.  This was the … Continue reading

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Peter & Paul: Apostles, Saints, and Martyrs for the Christian Faith

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Divine Providence saw it fitting that the Church be built a foundation of the great Apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul, as well as the blood of the First Martyrs of the Church at Rome. It is likewise fitting that the two feast days of these martyred saints are celebrated consecutively on June 29th and June 30th. Continue reading

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FOCUS and Evangelization with Bible Studies

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At what age do you think Americans are the least religious? Age 22. Only 17 percent of age 22 Americans, according to data from over 30 years of the General Social Survey, attend a religious service at least once a week. Continue reading

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My Top 5 Baptism Tips

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Baptism is one of the most important sacraments which the Church offers as by it one is cleansed from sin and officially enters into the Church. Continue reading

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St. John the Baptist: The Preview of Jesus Christ

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Today is the feast day of John the Baptist. On this feast day of St. John the Baptist, we can remember how much like Jesus he truly was. Continue reading

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Saint Medals and Why We Wear Them

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One of the things that caught me off guard when I came to Belmont Abbey College was the number of people wearing saint medals. I personally had never worn a saint medal. Continue reading

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St. Thomas More & St. John Fisher: Martyrs for Faith & Freedom

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Each year on June 22nd we celebrate the feast days of two notable Catholic saints and martyrs: Saint Thomas More and Saint John Fisher. It’s fitting that these two men have the same feast day, because they were both Englishmen martyred within two weeks of each other, for the same cause (religious freedom), on the same occasion (defending the sanctity of marriage and Papal authority against State usurpation), and at the hands of the same man (King Henry VIII). Continue reading

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Catholic Books: More Than Meets the Eye

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I grew up with a terribly inaccurate stereotype about Catholic books. Growing up I always thought that a “Catholic book” was simply an apologetic book. I always thought they were books about why Catholics believe this or 20 commonly asked questions about the catholic faith. Continue reading

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The Mystery of the St. Joseph Home Selling Kit

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When I started working at the Catholic Company I instantly learned a great deal about the Catholic faith. Continue reading

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What You Didn’t Know About the Sacred Heart of Jesus: Part 2

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Yesterday’s Sacred Heart blog post discussed the very rich and interesting history of the Sacred Heart devotion. This second installment will discuss its relationship to other Catholic devotions closely connected with it, namely the Divine Mercy, Eucharistic Adoration, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Continue reading

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