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Gretchen is a recent convert and completely in love with the Catholic faith. She is very active in her parish and has recently joined the Lay Dominicans. She holds an M.A. in Christian Apologetics & currently works on copywriting, marketing, and social media for The Catholic Company.

Why Do We Do Penance for Lent? The Two Big Reasons

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Penance simply means the repentance of sins by taking some form of action in reparation for that sin. Just as we sinned by actually committing or omitting something we shouldn’t have, so we should do penance by actually committing or omitting something to make up for it. The reason for this is that doing penance turns our hearts and souls away from sin and back on the right path towards God and towards a life of holiness. Continue reading

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Prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows by St. Bonaventure

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St. Bonaventure was a 13th century Franciscan friar, scholar, and holy priest. This prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows is attributed to him: Continue reading

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The Bravery of a Child: The Martyrdom of Blessed Jose Sanchez del Rio

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February 10th is the feast day of Blessed Jose Sanchez del Rio who served with the Cristeros army in the defense of the Catholic Faith against the Mexican dictator Plutarco Calles. From a young age he had a great love for Christ and desired to die for his faith. Continue reading

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The Beautiful Prayer of St. Brendan the Voyager

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This beautiful prayer is attributed to St. Brendan the Voyager (484-577 A.D.), also known as St. Brendan the Navigator, the patron saint‬ of mariners, sailors, and travelers. Continue reading

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The Martyrdom of St. Paul Miki and Companions: The 26 Nagasaki Martyrs

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In 1597, Paul Miki and his twenty six companions were crucified for their Christian faith in Nagasaki, Japan.

A Japanese layman, Saint Paul Miki was born into a Japanese noble family and heir to a great inheritance and position in Japanese society. He was was converted to Christianity by Saint Francis Xavier. When Christian missionaries first began to evangelize in Japan, they were not initially met with opposition. Their presence opened the door not only to a new faith, but also to trade and economic expansion. Continue reading

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That Time When St. Peter Beat Up St. Lawrence

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Some saints, while they were still living, had other saints from heaven appear to them to offer encouragement (for example, St. Therese of Lisieux appeared to St. Faustina). Some also had the Devil appear and physically attack them (for example, St. Padre Pio). But it’s not too common that a SAINT from heaven comes to beat them up! Continue reading

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The Saints of Auschwitz

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January 27, 1945 is a day etched in history. On this day the Russian army liberated the Nazis’ largest and infamously cruel concentration camp located in south-western Poland–Auschwitz. It is estimated that at minimum 1.3 million people were deported to Auschwitz between 1940 and 1945; of these, at least 1.1 million were murdered.

Among those who were killed at Auschwitz are two Catholic saints, St. Maximilian Marie Kolbe and St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein). Continue reading

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The Efficacious Three Hail Mary Novena

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The Three Hail Mary novena is a very beautiful prayer recited in honor of three of Mary’s special gifts given to her by God: her power, wisdom, and mercy. In this novena we ask her to use these gifts on our behalf to obtain our petitions from God, and most importantly, to help us lead a holier life.

The words of this prayer are very powerful, and if prayed daily, will undoubtedly bring about noticeable changes in your life. Pray it sincerely every day, and you will begin to notice the special graces you will receive from the Blessed Mother. She works! Continue reading

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New Catholic Book: Manual for Spiritual Warfare

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We’d have to have our heads in the sand to not notice that things are getting bad out there. If you’re a Christian reading the top trending stories from all over the world, it should make you want to fall down on your knees and pray.

When Christians and Christianity itself is being marginalized, persecuted, and attacked, it is a strong indication that the world needs Christ more than ever. Persecution has always been the Church’s call to arms–spiritual arms. Continue reading

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Catholic College Kids Evangelize with Parody of Hit Song

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This video is too great not to share – enjoy Well-Z and K-Money as they catechize with their “I’m so Catholic” parody of the hit song “I’m so Fancy” by Iggy Azalea.

Continue reading

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