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Blessed Imelda, Patroness of First Communicants

When Imelda Lambertini was five years old, she asked to receive Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time. She loved Christ deeply, to the point of wondering, “Can anyone receive Jesus into his heart and not die?” However, as it was the year 1327, her request was out of the question. At that time children were not allowed to receive Holy Communion until they were at least 12 years old.

But she persisted. Continue reading

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Kicking off First Communion Season: Where to Begin

First Holy Communion is a rite of passage in a young Catholic’s life, one of the three of the Sacraments of Initiation into the Catholic Church along with Baptism and Confirmation. As a parent, between the outfit, the ceremony, and the afterwards festivities, there is a lot to do. We’ve compiled some best practices regarding guests, invitations, and gifts for First Communion day. These are not hard and fast rules but rather guidelines to help make the start of First Communion season easier to handle. Continue reading

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3 Ways to Spiritually Prepare Your Child for First Communion

It has finally arrived on the horizon . . . the day of your child’s First Holy Communion. You’ve probably been waiting and preparing for this moment for quite some time. You’ve labored to raise your little one in the Catholic faith, and now they’re taking their next big step! It’s pretty exciting to know that your child is soon to receive the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. Continue reading

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Old School First Communion Photos

While doing some research I came across these great vintage-style photographs of children on the day of their First Holy Communion. They were too great not to share. Here, posted in scrapbook format, are throwbacks to the old days. This is First Communion Old School! Continue reading

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First Holy Communion Gift Guide for Girls

The First Communion season is approaching fast, and each year we try to give our customers some guidance on what they should buy as gifts for their beautiful daughters (or granddaughters, or goddaughters, or nieces) on their First Communion day.  … Continue reading

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First Holy Communion Gift Guide for Boys

The First Communion season is almost here, and every year we try to give our customers some helpful tips on what kind of gifts to get for their handsome sons (or grandsons, or godsons, or nephews) on the day they … Continue reading

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Understanding the 7 Sacraments: The Big Picture

For some, understanding the Sacramental life of the Church and what each of the Sacraments do for us can be kind of confusing. Why are there seven? What do they do?  According the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Sacraments, … Continue reading

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Top 5 RCIA Gifts: What Every New Catholic Should Have

Easter is coming soon, and as you know one of the things that makes this feast day so special is all the catechumens and candidates who’ve gone through the RCIA process (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) will be received … Continue reading

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Sacrament Spotlight: Holy Communion

According to the Papal Encyclical Lumen Gentium, what is the “source and summit of the Christian life”? Hint: It’s not the Holy Spirit, the communion of saints, or the Holy See.

Answer: It’s the Eucharist!
Continue reading

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Top 8 Uses for Personalized Prayer Cards

Top 7 ways to use personalized prayers cards above and beyond the typical funeral memorial cards. Continue reading

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