Tips to Help Your Child Choose Their Confirmation Saint

Saints of the Catholic ChurchWhat is the most stressful part of Confirmation?  Is it writing a letter to the bishop?  Perhaps.  Finding a dress, if you’re a woman?  Probably.  For me, the most stressful part was choosing a Confirmation saint.  How I was supposed to know what saint to choose?  There are thousands of saints of the Catholic church and choosing one of them felt like an extremely daunting task.  At first I didn’t know why choosing a Confirmation saint was even important.  I understand now that choosing a saint reminds you of your Confirmation for years to come, symbolizes entering a new stage in your Catholic life, and the saint you choose will be with you throughout the entire process and the rest of your life.  How can you help your child choose the right Confirmation saint for them?  Here are a few tips on how to help your child choose the best Confirmation saint.

Step 1 – Encourage your child to narrow down the possible Confirmation saint list:  This exercise will make choosing a confirmation saint a thousand times easier.  I wish that someone had encouraged me to narrow down my possible Confirmation saint list by choosing a general criteria.  For example, if your child wants to be a lawyer, then perhaps they should choose a saint who is one of the patron saints of lawyers.  Or if your child loves England, then they should narrow their list to those patron saints of England.  By choosing a general category, such as patronage or religious order, your child can narrow down their options, and thus save time.

Step 2 – Encourage your child to research some saints:  Now that your child has a general category that he or she wants their Confirmation saint to fall into, then encourage your child to research some of them.  At this point it is very helpful to have a saints book.  In order to make the best choice about who their confirmation saint ought to be, your child needs to know who they are!

Step 3 – Pray about it:  This step is often the most overlooked step.  If you pray to God to help you choose a Confirmation saint, then he will certainly help you.  Prayer makes any important decision much easier and spending a good amount of time in prayer will hopefully give your child a great amount of clarity.

Step 4 (Optional) – Think outside of the box:  If your shild is still unsure who to choose after the previous steps, then encourage them to think outside of the box.  What do I mean by this?  Encourage them to think of perhaps a name they would like to bear, or a saint they feel has influenced their life or the life of a loved one.  I chose St. Michael as my confirmation saint because the name of the child my mother miscarried before I was born was named Michael.  One might say choosing a Confirmation saint this way is non-traditional, but I am very glad that I chose who I did.

Following these steps will hopefully help your child to choose the right Confirmation saint for them.  Why did you choose your Confirmation saint?  What other tips should be added to this list?



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6 Responses to Tips to Help Your Child Choose Their Confirmation Saint

  1. Therese says:

    I taught confirmation for almost 18 years.I loved it, my most favorite part was being part of the journey of the young Saints life in faith and growing in their relationship with our Lord. when it came to picking a St. Name I choose a session where the sponsor and parents where both there. My talk was about the process of selection of a St. Name. My lecture began with the fact that I was named for a Saint. A Saint that was important in my Mothers faith life. I explain to all participants, parent sponsors and Candidates that choosing a name was like naming an infant. This Saint she be the person you admire and wish to be most like. I asked first of the parents “What did they most identify with, and why” with age comes experience, I asked the same of the sponsors. I then spoke to the candidates and asked them whom in their life influenced them, Grandparents Aunts Uncles older Cousin, so on and so forth. I asked them to speak to them about their St. As we know that choosing a Saint needs to have purpose and valor. This Saint should be who you would most want to be like. So revert to the who what when where and why? these question serve as a guide. I brought to class, a lot of holy cards, but I also allowed them to make their own Saint card, I also made a Holy card for each Candidate, I start in the beginning and used a sheet of fact gather that I developed to learn about each candidate. this project was homework to be done with parent or sponsor. Mostly direct questions, and personal facts.
    My believe is the candidate should have a personal interested via family and or intent of the Saint to them personally. It helped to make this experience personal and intimate to each Candidate. I had all kinds of info available, books, Holly cards,bouchers,internet(wow totally awesome just wish I had more computers, I put them in to groups which helped a lot.
    I explained, that family history, possible by culture,hereditary, place of birth, baptismal name. name of grandparents etc. I always gave list of what Saints stood for what on and on. But very much stressed is this person someone you would want to be. I often had other teachers come dressed as Saints, and did a lot of readings about Saints. Even spoke of church names that the had attained before. I used Priest in our Parish and other Parish’s in our area.
    I took this very serious and made it a big deal about making an adult decision for the right reasons. I had so many visual aides materiel,available, such as previous Candidates reports, (I have saved so much) books and pins, and posters and phamphlets,I used quotes and told of the great accomplishments. and the dedication of these Saints from their early years, I always made it tied into their ages.I often worked with older teens, but all ages this method in my experience has worked, and been very successful.Because of my great passion for this subject it came easy.I told stories of the Saints beyond just the super common facts. but used details that the teen candidates could relate too.
    My famous line is “every name given to a child should have a quality meaning that connects them to who they are, and who the should and will become.
    I have so much info on the subject I often just went from group to group each year. I even share that this is a subject that the parents at baptism should start this process.
    apart of the report was for the Candidate to express their one reason this Saint appealed to them.(most popular through out has always been because my mom or grandmom or dad or granddad pick them.So I would say that this is special because this said has meaning to them.
    But I made sure that the understand with out a doubt is the quality of this Saint devotion to Christ. By there action the show a dedication that is so deep and important in the Candidates growth on their journey throughout their lives.
    Many years I have had my group all choice one male and female. It was awesome
    My son and all his friends, choose to form a society of Clare, because the all used Saint Clare as a role model for their daughters, Each gave their daughters the middle name of Clare, and baptized them as St. Clare and will continue a devotion to her throughout their home schooling and faith formation of their daughters. It is such a great blessing because the all are around the same age, and attend the same church, and will attend the same catholic schools throughout their education.
    I believe that your patron Saint is a very important piece of each person’s faith journey. There is often not a lot of time during faith formation class one night a week for an hour. So having this process so well worked out is so very helpful, I have found that the parents are all on board, and have received a very positive participation, and that it’s talked about year after year, and people actually request to be in my class. I give a lot of detail in my classes, I use what goes on in each Candidates daily life each week in class to help ground them and get them ready to work. I pack a lot into a short time put it is all available to them on line and in hand outs that I make like a book, with room for their own words and thoughts and process.
    Hope this was helpful. thanks for what you do. love this site and read it daily.
    Blessings to you and yours.
    Yours in Christ,
    Jesus through Mary. Theresa

  2. Nick says:

    Thanks for your comment and your wealth of experience and knowledge of the subject.This comment is certainly helpful to many I’m sure. Thank you for being a faithful reader of our blog and visitor of our site! I hope you had a great Holy Week!

  3. kieran Adam Sullivan Yalla says:

    Kindly help me choose my confirmation Saint .
    I was born on July 26 ,2002 .
    I have been baptized and have received the Holy Communion.
    My mother is from India and my Dad is Scottish /Irish heritage.
    Thank you ,

  4. Gretchen says:

    Saint Alphonsa Muttathupadathu is the first woman of Indian origin to be canonized as a saint. Also St. Anne’s feast day is July 26, she is the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary. For more ideas you can scroll through our Patron Saint Index for a listing of popular saints:

  5. I need a saint name…My birthday is Aug. 3rd 1958
    I love Jesus, Children, Art and to help others.
    I enjoy learning and growing in wisdom and teaching with laughter. I thought of Saint Philomena?

  6. Gretchen says:

    Hi Minerva, St. Philomena is the patron saint of children, young people, and students. Her name means “daughter of light.” It sounds like you’ve made a good choice!

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