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Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic

Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic

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Product Description

  • Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic
  • One man's journey to Christ's Church
  • Clear, and powerfully written
  • A book that will be relatable & understandable for Protestants, as well


David Currie was raised in a devout Christian family whose father was a fundamentalist preacher; both parents were teachers at Moody Bible Institute. Currie's whole upbringing was immersed in the life of fundamentalist Protestantism - theology professors, seminary presidents and founders of evangelical mission agencies were frequent guests at his family dinner table. Currie received a degree from Trinity International University and studied in the Masters of Divinity program.

This book was written as an explanation to his fundamentalist and evangelical friends and family about why he became a Roman Catholic. Currie presents a very lucid, systematic and intelligible account of the reasons for his conversion to the ancient Church that Christ founded. He gives a detailed discussion of the important theological and doctrinal beliefs Catholic and evangelicals hold in common, as well as the key doctrines that separate us, particularly the Eucharist, the Pope, and Mary.


"David Currie has written what may turn out to be the work on this nettlesome topic of Evangelicals being received into the Catholic Church. With great charity and lucidity, he pursues every conceivable topic - biblical, ecclesiological, theological, and historical - that arises in the discussions on this matter."
- Thomas Howard, Author, Evangelical Is Not Enough

"Currie has given us a work which is eminently intelligible, readable and personal. This book makes an especially happy marriage of the 'head' and the 'heart' in explaining the when, the why and the how of his pilgrimage. It should serve as a paradigm for the movement of 'Everyman' toward God and the Church His divine Son founded."
- Rev. Peter M.J. Stravinskas, Editor, The Catholic Answer

"Currie's book is a must read. Seldom is something so deep explained so clearly as Currie does in this wonderful work. Get it and get a copy for a friend."
- Scott Hahn, Author, Rome Sweet Home

Dimensions & Specifications

  • ISBN: 9780898705690
  • Author: David Currie
  • Format: Softcover
  • Pages: 216
  • Language: English

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Reviews - Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic

Average Customer Rating
(4.67/5 Stars, 3 Ratings) Based on 3 Reviews

Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic

Review: I always like conversion stories and this one is interesting because David Currie explains his thought process on how he was converted. He also gives explanations on the ideology of Fundamentalism, so that I could have a better understanding of that religious denomination.

Loved this book!

Review: I am a Catechumen currently in the RCIA program. This book was a great source of information and explanation of the Catholic faith. David Currie's personal anecdotes & reasons for writing this book really hit home with me. Coming to the Catholic faith in my 30's, this was a perfect purchase! Best Uses: Apologetics, Catechumens Candidates; Pros: Great information, Reads like a story

Fantastic Book for RCIA students!!!

Review: I, too, was raised Fundamentalist and had misconceptions about the Catholic faith. This book was instrumental in my journey through RCIA. Thank You!!! Pros: Durable, Good Value, High Quality
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