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Brown Scapular - Adult

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Product Description

Handmade woolen scapular, comes with Jubilee Medal Cross of St. Benedict, the most highly-indulgenced medal in the Catholic Church. Picture of Our Lady handing the scapular to St. Simon Stock. Scapular “promise” on back. Includes accompanying prayers. 21.5" in length, each square measures approx. 1.5" x 2.25"H.

Saint: St. Simon Stock

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Reviews - Brown Scapular - Adult

Average Customer Rating
(4.70/5 Stars, 23 Ratings) Based on 23 Reviews

A Premium Product

Review: This scapular is beautifully crafted and the medals are impressive in detail and weight. The only thing not described is the size. Each wool piece measures approx. 1.5"W x 2.25"H. You get more than your money's worth with this scapular. I had to knot the scapular at the back of my neck to avoid the front hanging below my chest or halfway down my back. Cons: Very large; Pros: High Quality

The quality was great.

Review: It is a great quality.

choice product

Review: DEFINITELY THE BEST CONSTRUCTED, PRINTING CLARITY ONE I'VE OWNED Best Uses: Wear daily; Pros: Good Value, High Quality

Beautiful details!

Review: My husband remembered receiving a scapular as part of his First Communion gifts and wanted to continue the tradition with his son. Although this is large for our son, we chose the adult size so that it will be wearable throughout his life. It has an all-around beautiful design. I especially like the medal details.

I would buy this product again & again.

Review: [...] Best Uses: Personal use or gifts; Cons: Prefer longer cord; Pros: Durable, Good Value, High Quality

Brown scapular

Review: I wear it daily without removing unless I take a shower. It is durable and neatly made to last. Best Uses: Good for permanent wear; Pros: Durable, Good Value, High Quality, It was the best scapular

Great Product

Review: Thank You Cons: Expensive; Pros: Durable, Good Value, High Quality

Excellent choice!

Review: When I took these to have them blessed, both our Deacon and priest asked for the purchase site, they were so impressed with the quality. We have been wearing these scapulars for a few years, and they are the best we've ever purchased- the quality is excellent, they wear remarkably well and are quite durable. They don't fade or fray. Even the medals are of good quality. We especially like the size- not too small as to seem insignificant, nor too large to be in the way. Pros: Cord is perfect length, Excellent quality, Great size

Perfect Carmelite Scapular!

Review: I bought one Carmelite Scapular with white straps, which I wear 24/7, hand wash daily & very durable - looks new after 45 days. Best Uses: Wear 24/7 wash daily; Cons: none; Pros: durability

Brown Scapular

Review: These are the best scapulars that I have found in over 30 years. It is very difficult to find a good scapular that will last over time and will not fall apart. I will continue to buy your scapulars for myself, relatives and friends. Thanks Pros: Easy Ordering, Great packaging, Quality, TIMELY DELIVERY

Brown Scapular with Medal and Crucifix

Review: This scapular is worn around the neck. It has an attractive design and appears to be sturdy. This scapular is too big for a smaller framed adult. It would have been better to have known its dimensions before I purchased the scapular. Other wise I am satisfied with my purchase of ten scapulars for my family members and myself. Best Uses: Around the neck, Large adults; Cons: Awkward for petite adult, Size, Too large; Pros: Attractive, Crucifix, Jubilee Medal Cross, Size, Sized for large adult, Well Made

beautiful scapular

Review: The best buy of all. I wear mine everyday and its still like new. A definite buy!

Very Comforting

Review: I haven't had one in years but now it gives me a feeling of protection by Our Blessed Virgin Mary. It has strengthened my faith of the afaterlife because our Lady promised that who ever dies wearing it will never feel the flames of hell. Best Uses: Wearing under clothes; Cons: Need to get blessed; Pros: Comfortable feeling, Very pretty


Review: Of all the Scapulars I have worn this is the only one that has ever broken. The string pulled out when I inadvertently grabbed it along with my t-shirt when getting changed. Apart from that it is a really nice Scapular. I just resewed it up nice and tight. I would purchase another for sure.

LOVE it!!!

Review: thank you for having the item

A good quality scapular

Review: This scapular is durable and well put-together.


Review: This is the size and quality I have been looking for. Thank you for providing such a great product.

If you're not wearing it, why?

Review: If you got one with your 1st communion, you are enrolled in the confraternity, and future scapulars technically dont need to be blessed, although I reccomend it. The only thing John Paul told the surgeon after being shot by Ali Alga was " dont take off my scapular" More miracles are attributed to these 2 little pieces of wool than any other sacremental, and Mother Mary held a scapular in one hand and a rosary in the other at the last apparition of Fatima, 10/13/ 1917. The devil does not want you wearing this, as souls are saved. This is not a 'magic bullet', a pure and chaste life is still needed for the promises related to the scapular, and I highly reccomend you do some more research on this true miracle from heaven. Cons: none; Pros: 1261-2010 Popes Wear it, More miracles attributed, Mother Mary Protects


Review: The product arrived in good condition. Pros: quick service

I am delighted with the scapular.

Review: Wear it daily. Would encourage my friends to buy from your company.

Great Quality Scapular!

Review: This scapular was very well done and I appreciated the written explanation that accompanied it as well. The medals that are attached to it add a lot, and the value is excellent. I definitely recommend this item. Best Uses: Prayerful Devotion

Brown Scapular-Adult

Review: A perfectly made scapular that doesn't wear and tear under the clothing and is a comfortable wear during bedtime when sleeping. Good quality and looks great.

The Perfect Scapular

Review: I have researched the Brown Scapular for months and finally decided on the one selected from The Catholic Company. It arrived very quickly and packing was perfect. The Scapular is of very high quality and workmanship is outstanding. I would suggest this Brown Scapular to anyone and everyone. Please have it blessed by your Priest.
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