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Can you Trust the Bible? (CDs)

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In his classic series, Can You Trust the Bible?, Dr. Hahn irrefutably demonstrates how the ancient Catholic teaching that the Bible is free from all error, was actually reaffirmed by recent papal encyclicals and, despite claims to the contrary, by the Vatican II document on the Bible Dei Verbum as well. He forcefully asserts that the position taken by many Catholic Biblical scholars, that the Bible is free from error only in religious and moral matters, is hardly a "new" development achieved by scientific methods of analysis, but was explicitly condemned by Pope Leo XIII, Pope Pius XII, and Vatican II!

The Problem of Inerrancy

According to Dr. Hahn, modernist attempts to allow for "errors" in the Bible is actually a bad solution to a false problem. You'll discover that apparent "contradictions" and "errors" in Scripture only come about when scholars misuse scripture in ways it never intended (for example, attempting to discover astrophysics in the Book of Genesis!)
In this landmark presentation, Dr. Hahn exposes the Catholic confusion about Biblical inerrancy and traces it back to a deliberate misreading of a key passage in Dei Verbum. He shows how a poor translation of the Latin text allowed some liberal Bible scholars to argue that Vatican II supported the idea that there are errors in Scripture. Unpacking such pre-Vatican II encyclicals as Pope Leo XIII's Providentissimus Deus and Pius XII's Humani Generis and Divino Afflante Spiritu, Dr.Hahn shows how the skeptical position that is accepted without question by some scholars today is definitely not new, but can be traced back to 19th century liberal Protestantism!

Does God Lie?

In this eye-opening series, Dr. Hahn invites you to consider the question that St. Augustine asked St. Jerome, "If God is the Author of Scripture, why would He deceive us by putting errors into the text?" Dr. Hahn reveals that before Leo XIII settled the issues of inspiration and inerrancy many good theologians and even saints held different views about Biblical inspiration. St. Robert Bellarmine, a doctor of the Church, held a theory of Biblical inspiration known as "divine assistance." John Henry Cardinal Newman believed in "limited inerrancy." In this six-tape series, Dr. Scott Hahn explores and explains various theories all the way up to the rise of modern critical methods and the rampant skepticism that followed.

New Directions in Biblical Scholarship

While most Catholic scholars now accept with certainty that much of the New Testament is not historical, many Protestant scholars are discovering new respect for the Church's classical claims for the Bible. In fact, you'll discover why 30 years after the skeptical methods of liberal Protestantism hijacked Catholic Biblical criticism; the Protestants themselves are now abandoning these same methods as hopelessly inadequate! Can you trust the Bible? Order this set today and discover the truth!

Highlights Of This Series:

  • How the skeptical methods of liberal Protestantism hijacked Catholic Biblical criticism
  • The difference between the divine inspiration of the Bible and the divine assistance that is given to popes and Church councils
  • Why the idea of "limited inerrancy" has been repeatedly rejected whenever the Church has considered it
  • How the true teachings of recent Popes and Vatican II have been "hijacked" by liberal scholars
  • Why top Protestant scholars are abandoning many so-called "scientific" methods of Biblical criticism
  • The difference between modern methods of Scriptural research
  • How Catholic confusion about Biblical inerrancy can be traced back to a deliberate misreading of Dei Verbum

    6 CDs.

Author: Scott Hahn
Language: English
Format: CD

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