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Catholic Scripture Study Bible - RSV Large Print Edition

Catholic Scripture Study Bible - RSV Large Print Edition

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Product Description

The Official Catholic Scripture Study International Bible!

Gail Buckley founded Catholic Scripture Study International after converting to Catholicism in 1994. Since that time, CSSI has spread across the country and to other parts of the world. The program provides any individual, parish or group an inspiring and in-depth Bible study that is completely faithful to the Magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church.

This single volume Study Bible seamlessly integrates Sacred Scripture with extensive study materials and reference guides. This Study Bible will provide new insight and a deeper understanding of the Biblical foundations of the Catholic Faith, and is an outstanding book even outside of the CSSI Program, for personal use or with other bible studies.

Includes 76 full color inserts, Biblical Apologetics by Jim Burnham of San Juan Seminars, Topical Index with over 130 Topics and 1100 Biblical References. Faith Facts by Catholics United for the Faith, Complete list of Biblical Abbreviations, Biographical information on St Jerome, Patron Saint of CSSI.

Widely popular Large Print RSV Edition, with gold edges and multiple Ribbon Markers. Large, Easy-to-Read 12 pt font. Black bonded leather. Bible measures approximately 9.5 inches tall by 6.5 inches wide by 1.5 inches deep.

Listen to our interview with Gail Buckley about the Catholic Scripture Study Bible.

ISBN: 9781935302490
Language: English
Translation: Revised Standard Version (RSV)
Print Size: Large Print

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Reviews - Catholic Scripture Study Bible - RSV Large Print Edition

Average Customer Rating
(4.00/5 Stars, 6 Ratings) Based on 6 Reviews

CSS Bible

Review: This is one of the most beautiful bibles I have ever seen. Not only is it an RSV version, but it has Jim Burnham's cheat sheet of defending the faith, large print, numerous ribbons to mark your reading places....I could go on and on. Don't hesitate - buy it today! Best Uses: Perfect Gift; Pros: Beautiful, Extremely well made, Jim Burnham insert, Large Print, Perfect Gift

Beautiful bible

Review: This is a truly beautiful bible. However, the title Study Bible is somewhat misleading. Since I am rather a novice to serious bible study I was hoping from the title to find more of a study guide embedded within this purchase. Anyway ,the illustrations are beautiful and it is a bible I will use after I find a truly good STUDY GUIDE supplement to accompany it.

Not Quite a Study Bible

Review: I am used to protestant study Bibles that have lots of footnotes and cross-referenced Scriptures, Concordances, and Cyclopedia indexes. I did just discover the index in this Bible, so that is good. I am still getting used to how to use it best. I am not dissatisfied with this purchase. I just wish Catholic Study Bibles had a little more meat to them.

Excellent Choice!

Review: This is a great Bible choice for those interested in being able to defend the Catholic Faith. It has an entire Apologetics section citing Scripture verses for Catholic beliefs and practices. I have never found a Bible that did this and it is very helpful to me to have this tool. Even if you are just interested in a good study Bible, this is a great choice.

not exctly what I expected.....

Review: thought there would be notes next to or below columns, why is this called a study bible?

Not a study bible

Review: Although a nice bible, I would not consider this as a study bible in any way; there is nothing contained in it (footnotes, references, etc.) that could classify it as such. I would recommend this as a bible but definitely not as a study bible.
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