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The Catholic Mass - Revealed! (DVD/CD)

The Catholic Mass - Revealed! (DVD/CD)

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Product Description

A DVD and 2 CDs, all together in one case!

The DVD explains step-by-step the beautiful gift of the Catholic Mass. It contains beautiful imagery from Catholic Masses in the United States.

A written commentary and original score accompanies the visual making this a perfect resource to explain the mass, renew your love for the mass and a great tool for group discussions. 25 Chapters with a DVD runtime of approximately 37 minutes.

The Commentary CD contains extended commentary, explanation and reflection on the Catholic Mass. This commentary is set to music and is perfect for both meditations and formal group discussions. The CD runtime is approximately 76 minutes.

The Soundtrack CD contains original sacred music for the Liturgy written and arranged by Thy Kingdom Come, Inc. as well as sacred hymns by classical composers, all performed in a beautiful vocal arrangement. 15 Tracks with an approximate CD runtime of 32 minutes.


Tracks include:

Kyrie Eleison - Greek
Gloria - English
Sanctus - Latin
Great Amen - English
Agnus Dei - Latin
Ave Maria - Latin
Stabat Mater - English
O Sacred Head Surrounded - English
Tantum Ergo - Latin
O Holy Night - English
O Salutaris - Latin
All Glory Laud and Honor - English
Stabat Mater - Latin
O Come, O Come Emmanuel - English
Jesus Christ is Risen Today - English

Dimensions & Specifications

  • DVD and CD
  • Language: English

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Reviews - The Catholic Mass - Revealed! (DVD/CD)

Average Customer Rating
(4.17/5 Stars, 6 Ratings) Based on 6 Reviews

"Truly inspirational and educational"

Review: Audio was wonderful, and the Visual was beautifuly heart touching. Best Uses: Education, Everyone

Huge Disappointment

Review: The Mass is replete with symbolism and depth, taking hundreds of years to develop into what it is today. This DVD, titled 'REVEALED' no less, doesn't even scratch the surface! Three cloths are on the altar during each Mass. What are they and how do they figure in history? What vestments were taken from Rabbinical history? Why did the priest face the Tabernacle for centuries, instead of the congregation as Jesus had? Why is the consecrated Host broken in two? Why is a crumb of the Host dropped into the Precious Blood? Why are the Host and Chalice raised? Why are we required to fast when the Apostles had just finished the Last Supper? 'Revealed' doesn't reveal anything that a nominal Catholic wouldn't already know. Besides being short and boring, the readers' voices are flat and uninteresting; they're just reading ho-hum script as fast as they can get through it with no pause for suspense or inflection in their voices. Best Uses: Only non-Catholics maybe; Cons: Boring, Fast, No Feeling, Shallow; Describe Yourself: Avid Reader, Hardcore Catholic; Pros: Nice Photography


Review: I give it a 10 easy to understand and the Music was breathtaking. Every Catholic home should own this. When i go to Mass now its like The Angels open the Doors for me and hug me before i enter. God Bless You I ordered 3 My Sister Love's it George Columbiaville New York Pros: Classic

Would convert anybody who watched it.

Review: This DVD has the potential to bring people to our faith. Best Uses: Everyone; Cons: none; Pros: Very Holy

Everyone Should Watch This Presentation

Review: Using it at our home for self education about further information about my religion. Very informative in a very special form of presentation that relays the message to you about the different parts of the Mass and the special mysteries behind each action that takes place. I think every Catholic young and old should watch this and be remindered of the that special miracle that takes place at each Mass celebrated. I suggest it to all! Best Uses: Everyone; Cons: none; Describe Yourself: Willing To Learn More; Pros: Very informative

Excellent learning tool

Review: I am a new Catholic and this DVD, CD, & booklet are a great help in learning the true meaning and holiness of the mass. I also used it in CCE class to help our students better understand the mass. May we all sing with the angels at mass. Best Uses: Education, Everyone; Pros: Engaging
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