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Christian Fatherhood: Dad-ness with Gladness (CD)

Christian Fatherhood: Dad-ness with Gladness (CD)

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Christian Fatherhood: Dad-ness with Gladness (CD)
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Product Description

  • Christian Fatherhood: Dad-ness with Gladness (CD)
  • By the renowned Scott Hahn
  • A solid, profound guide to the importance of fatherhood
  • Crucial wisdom for all fathers


Statistics show that, among other things, the father's example is the most significant factor for children continuing in the practice of the Faith. In so many ways, "Dad makes the difference." But fulfilling the role of father has never been as difficult or little understood as it is today. On CD just in time for Father's Day, Dr. Scott Hahn's Dad-ness with Gladness offers timely and timeless insights into the joys and challenges of Christian Fatherhood.

Now you or the man in your life will discover how God can work through the virtues and weaknesses of earthly fathers to help Dad be free from anxiety and achieve an effective level of Godly leadership in the family. In this series, Dr. Hahn shares helpful guidelines and even some "magic words" that will help Dad maintain peace in the home, even as he more deeply accepts God's calling to be "pastor" of the family. In the process, Dr. Hahn reveals how his conversion to Catholicism deepened his understanding of God's Fatherhood as well as his own. An ideal gift for every father who has not quite made it to heaven yet, this compelling series will help pave the way!


Dimensions & Specifications

  • Set of 2 CDs
  • Author: Dr. Scott Hahn
  • Language: English
  • Format: CD

Reviews - Christian Fatherhood: Dad-ness with Gladness (CD)

Average Customer Rating
(4.00/5 Stars, 2 Ratings) Based on 2 Reviews

Love Scott Hahn

Review: I love Scott Hahn, he is such an engaging speaker. I bought this as a gift for my brother-in-law after the birth of their first child. Great CD, good message & practical advice on being a Catholic Father, but also lots of great information to draw one into a deeper relationship with God. I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars b/c the quality of the recording is a little poor. You can hear everything just fine, it's just a little staticy. I also wish there was a printed book version available.

Scott Hahn does it again

Review: Scott does a great job reminding us of the blessings and importance of fatherhood. The first disc focuses mostly on the marital relationship while the second disc focuses on fatherhood and it's relationship to the Holy Family. The sound quality is just fair. There is a good amount of "air" sound and hissing which can distract from the content. Overall I highly recommend this talk. Cons: Fair sound quality; Pros: Great content, Inspiring
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