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Cross of the Trinity

Cross of the Trinity

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Product Description

The Trinity Cross is a gorgeous piece of artwork, crafted in Italy and filled with religious symbols and iconography ornately portrayed with gold gilt detail on a piano finished wood cross. The Trinity Cross makes a priceless wedding gift and is sure to become a family heirloom.

The meaning of the Trinity Cross:

The upper portion of the Trinity Cross is a representation of the Old Testament’s story of the visitation of three angels, or the Trinity, to Abraham. The left wing of the cross depicts the baptism of the Holy Child, and the right wing of the cross shows the Holy Trinity during the Resurrection. The lower part of the cross depicts Jesus’ crucifixion at the point where he proclaims, “Father, in your hands I submit my Spirit.” However, the most significant part of the Trinity Cross lies within the center. The center of the cross depicts the Trinity, as it was perceived by classical iconography during the Renaissance. The Father is seated on the right, and instead of being older, is identical to the Son on the left. The Son is identifiable by the stigmata on His hands, feet and chest and also because the Gospel says He sits at the Father’s right hand. The dove in the center of the image is symbolic of the Holy Spirit and has the tips of his wings gently touching the mouths of the Father and Son. This is to represent that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son. Between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is a white sphere, to represent the world. The sphere is divided into three equal parts, of which one part is touched by the hand of the Father, one by the Son and the third by the beak of the dove or the Holy Spirit. Lastly the Trinity Cross contains a unique optical effect between the robes covering Father’s right knee and the Son’s left knee. A third person is sitting between them to once again show the Holy Spirit joining the Father and the Son. 


Dimensions & Specifications

  • 15" (L)

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better than expected

Review: i have a collection of crosses/crucifixes and this one stands out with its size and colorful details. very nice. Best Uses: On wall collection; Pros: Bigger and more detailed
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