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Daily Roman Missal, Third Edition

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Product Description

This item contains the updated Mass changes effective Advent 2011

This single volume is the complete source of the Bible passages and prayers that form the rich tapestry of our Mass.

The Daily Roman Missal, Third Edition presents the liturgical year's worth of Sacred Scripture, allowing the faithful to follow and delve further into the Church's holy celebration including those for the Sunday liturgies.

This new edition is updated with the guidelines of the Bishop's Committee on the Liturgy.

Click here to see sample pages.

Other valuable revisions include:

  • Type is a clear 10 point font.
  • All the readings for a day are now contained in each entry, not referenced throughout the volume.
  • Both the long and short forms of readings are printed.
  • Illustrations from illuminated manuscripts grace the pages.
  • The sixteen new saints in the Church's calendar of feast days are added.
  • Relevant passages from the Catechism of the Catholic Church offer an educational perspective on the liturgies for Sundays, feast days, and solemnities.
  • Devotional prayers for before and after Mass have been expanded with new translations more literal and faithful to the Latin originals.
  • Latin translation of the Novus Ordo is included for the mass parts.  It does NOT contain the Tridentine Latin Mass.
  • Eucharistic Prayers for Reconciliation I and II are NOT included in this particular version of the Third Revised Daily Roman Missal.

The Daily Roman Missal, Third Edition, durable and beautiful with a deep burgundy padded bonded leather cover and 6 ribbon markers, is both a tool and a treasure for any Catholic who wishes to learn about, love, and live the Mass more fully.

Measures 6 3/4 x 4 1/2 x 2" and weighs just over 2 lbs.


Need Help Using Your Missal? Click here for "How-To Use The Daily Roman Missal"


ISBN: 9781612785097
Pages: 2514
Language: English

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Reviews - Daily Roman Missal, Third Edition

Average Customer Rating
(4.77/5 Stars, 60 Ratings) Based on 60 Reviews

Daily Roman Missal 3rd Edition

Review: This is a MUST Have for the upcoming change in the New Translation of the Mass. I especially love it because it has the Sunday Readings in it also. I never learned Latin. This Missal has the Latin Translation next to the order of mass, which is Great. Now I don't have to worry about the priest asking me to Read during the week,because I now have it at my finger tips. The Con is that it does not come enclosed in a zipped cover, for protection. Other than that I love it. I will also order the Sunday Missal 3rd Edition when it becomes available.

Bought 1 for myself, then 2 more as gift

Review: During religious retreat, the chapel didn't have the alter missal. Fr. was able to use my daily missal. We presented this missal to a newly ordained priest in our parish. I use it for meditation prior to confession, the mysteries of the rosary, everyday prayers, in addition to following the Mass. I love it. Best Uses: Perfect Mass companion; Cons: sometimes hard to follow; Pros: All readings for year, Beautiful prayers, New Translation

Great Mass companion!

Review: I use this at Mass and is so easy to use and everything is easy to find. I also enjoy the latin pages this is how I remember it from years ago. I also enjoy reading it during the week at home. Highly recommend it.

Great Missal

Review: Great for all catholics and everyone who is should own one Pros: All masses of the year, Beautiful Book, Before and after mass prayers, Many ribbons, Name engraving

Comments on daily Missal

Review: Having only just received my daily Missal, it will take me some time to get used to the layout & find my way around. The type set is very clear. Having 6 ribbon markers does away with the need to use cards, a good thing @ present as, due to new stiffness, it's difficult to insert them between pages. I like the binding & the gold embossing gives it the appearance of something of quality, befitting of a religious publication. I hope it will be with me for years to come - unless another translation is deemed necessary!

New Missal

Review: The Missal is absolutely beautiful and everything I expected. And the engraving of my name on the cover makes it so special. Best Uses: Daily Mass; Pros: Engraving was outstanding, Missal is beautiful, Service was outstanding

Roman Missal

Review: Beautiful and very complete. Not only does it have the complete Mass but all the prayers that one needs to be a practicing Christian Catholic.

3rd edition Roman Missal

Review: This was a gift for my husband and I think he will get a lot of comfort from it. Best Uses: Daily time w/ the church; Cons: Pages so delicate; Pros: Beautiful

The Daily Roman Missal Has It All

Review: I use the Daily Roman Missal as often as I can whenever I go to Church- It has many prayers for different purposes More than two ribbons which is nice to flip back and forth with to demarcate sections Clear directions for use Wonderful Illustrations Just like my missal I used throughout the 50's and 60's! Best Uses: Use it every day; Cons: None-have waited so long; Pros: Clear directions tabs, Easy to navigate and clea

A useful tool in pursuing your faith

Review: I've used St. Joseph's missals prior which were easier to use than this but were not so comprehensive as to include both Sunday, Daily, and Latin masses. The only thing missing is the Hymnal, but that is a difficult order to fill. Besides this book is somewhat large already. If you never used a missal before, you may find this edition difficult to use at first. You will overcome this after a few masses. In summary, I believe this is a perfect gift for yourself or a friend that you or they will be proud to own. It will add to your mass experience to read the readings before you go and help you through the latin mass sections on EWTN. Worth the money. Best Uses: For all masses, Prep before during aft; Cons: Need to learn how to use; Pros: Also for latin masses too, Beautiful gold like edges, Complete up to date, Many ribbons to use, More info than just mass, Opt name imprinting great

its awesome. i would recommend it

Review: its easy to use

A perfect companion for Holy Mass

Review: I was searching for a new Missal for my wife that included the three year cycle for Sundays, the two year cycle for weekdays and the new Liturgy. When I talked to Catholic Company the women told me this Missal was what I was looking for. That was an understatement! Not only does it contain all I asked about but is absolutly beautiful. I had my wife's name and church embossed in gold leaf, beautiful. The leather cover, the six place keeper ribbons, and the ease of use enhance the joy of participation in the Holy Mass.

My purchase was perfect

Review: My first visit to the Catholic Company was great. Easy to navigate and find what you want. Order process was smooth. I'll be back. Pros: Embossed Name very nice, QUALITY IS EXCELLENT, Size is just right

Love the Daily Roman Missal

Review: Using it daily allows you to learn the beauty of God's word. Once you get the lay out down pat, it becomes simpler to use.

A Masterful Missal

Review: I keep this Missal on my office desk as a way to prepare myself to celebrate the coming Mass. It helps me to enter more fully into the revised translation, to reflect upon the richness of the new texts, and so be able to celebrate the Liturgy with devotion, understanding and fervor. It also enables me to look ahead at the Readings in preparation for homilies. Also, it is a wonderful resource for personal prayer and spiritual nourishment. As a priest for thirty years, I can say that the revised translation of The Mass has renewed my own priestly spirituality, and that we all now have a translation of The Mass that truly expresses the depth of The Sacred Mysteries we celebrate in the Liturgy. This edition makes it all the more beautiful and fulfilling to enter into the celebration of The Mass. Best Uses: Liturgical participation, Personal prayer, Study reflection; Pros: Beautiful artwork, Easy to use format, Good Saints Day intro, Inspiring devotions, Quality Paper, Well made book

Well Done

Review: Perfect for preparing for, participating in, and reflecting upon Mass and the Catholic experience. Bought one for my mother and liked it so much, I bought one for myself.

Beautiful Memory of Mass of My Childhood

Review: In addition to Masses for a three year cycle, the missal contains various prayers and litanies that I have not heard since I was a child. The only difficulty that I experienced was the missal is heavier than I originally thought. It is a little hard for me to handle. But it is so beautiful that I will continue to use it and enjoy it. Best Uses: Prayers outside of Mass; Cons: Bit Hard for Older Hands, Heavier than Thought; Pros: Beautiful binding, Perfect Gold Leaf, Prayers of my Childhood, Ribbon markers

Excellent Missal

Review: This is an excellent Missal. I enjoy it daily.

exactly what I was looking for

Review: Use my missal every time I go to church, which is every Sunday and holy days! I like the longer ribbon markers and the print is very easy to read.

A beautiful Missal, with all of the new

Review: Wonderful Missal that in my opinion should be refined in the area of locating pages to match the appropriate Mass day and readings. I believe that they should set up a better "date schedule" listing pages to coincide with the date you are looking for. There is confusion in this area, but again a beautiful fine Missal and keepsake.

Printing too light

Review: Received shortly after ordering. With a book of this size I know the print size has to be smaller, but it could certainly be darker to make it much easier to read. Best Uses: Daily Use; Cons: Printing too light

Almost perfect missal

Review: excellent--prompt Best Uses: Daily Mass; Cons: Ribbon quality is poor; Pros: Excellent quality, Good images, Well Organized

This was a Christmas gift to myself...

Review: With this I begin my day and end my day..... In a day filled with challenges and self indulgence, I take solace in the fact that Jesus is with me always, today and forever more.

This is a product I would purchase again

Review: Bought this Roman Missal for my husband for a Christmas present. I had it engraved on the leather cover. He was thrilled. It looks so 'rich' and the price was better even with the engraving added than one of the more popular Catholic sites. I felt it was a great deal and my spouse was so pleased!

This is a wonderful guide to the Mass

Review: I use the Daily Roman Missal daily for the responses of the congregation and to follow the readings. I like the expanded prayers it has. I have shared them with many people! It has helped to improve my prayer life.

A treasure from the Bishop's committee.

Review: This was a gift for Christmas 2011.

The Roman Daily missal

Review: I go to a traditional mass.I find the missal very handy as it helps me to follow along during the rite. Pros: Beautiful Leather Binding, Easy to navigate, Easy To Read, English and latin side by side

At Last!

Review: I do daily prayers morning and night and use the prayers in this Missal. They are identical to the ones I am used to saying. I find the book easy to navigate, and certainly easy to follow the Mass. I have been waiting for the Missal since I learned of the changes coming in Advent. Thanks, I'm not disappointed. Best Uses: Daily Mass, Daily prayer, Special Prayers, Sunday mass; Cons: none; Pros: Compact, Current language, Easy to follow, Prayers up to date, Same format as last one

roman missal

Review: daily mass Best Uses: Eucharistic ministry; Cons: A little bulky; Pros: Beautifully Made

Exceedingly well done volume

Review: well worth the price. it will be a joy to use.

Excellent Transaction

Review: Missal very professionally done. Beautiful as well as usable.

Daily Roman Missal, Third Addition

Review: I received the Missal within three days after paying for it. I take the Missal with me every time I go to Church for whatever reason--it is a guide for almost everything. It is the best, most complete Missal I have ever used!!! Well worth the cost and I highly recommend it. Pros: A handsome volume, Blessed Sacrament Visits, Catholic Prayers, Entire Liturgical year, Great Liturgical Calendar, Guide for Confession, Holy days, I highly Recommend it, Major Devotions, Many other pluses, Mass in Latin AND English, Well Organized

Worth Waiting For

Review: We will use this missal at Mass on Weekdays as well as Sundays. Since some churches have gone back to Latin responses it is handy to have it on the opposite page as the English. Best Uses: Everyday and Sunday; Pros: Complete, Has Latin translation

I would buy it again. I like everything

Review: Everything is easy to find and I can follow the Mass without getting lost. Thank you Best Uses: Easy to use; Cons: none; Pros: It is a beautiful book

Daily Roman Missal, Third Edition

Review: I have used the Daily Roman Missal for years, and was satisfied with the previous versions. Our church uses the Eucharistic Prayers for Reconciliation I and II a as they are not included in this Third Edition-- is a definite negative. Best Uses: Daily Mass; Cons: Eucharistic Prayers, No Reconciliation; Pros: A good format

Beautiful outside & inside as well!

Review: To quote my son It's awesome! Just what I wanted! I even had people at church oohhing over it. He couldn't be happier with it.

Happy to have the new Roman Missal

Review: It is not as big as I was afraid it would be, even though it has both Sunday and weekday masses, so it fits nicely in my prayer tote. There are prayers, Commandments, examination of conscience in the back and lots of ribbons to mark your special places. I haven't had a chance to look at everything yet, but I am really happy I have this. It was worth the money for me.



New Roman Missal, Third Edition

Review: I think the Ribbon Markers are too thin. I own the previous edition, and they are much heavier than these. I just hope they hold up with daily use. Other than that the Missal meets my expectations.

Glad I Purchased It

Review: Since I do not have the option to attend daily Mass, I have been using the missal to read the daily readings and especially like having the feast day readings for the saints. I follow my church calendar, and when it is a special day, I read those. Love the quality and look of the missal. Haven't had one since I was a kid. Best Uses: Use at Mass, Use for daily readings; Cons: none; Pros: Beautiful gold edging, Good Quality, Lots of good content

Beautiful but Incomplete

Review: I feel very blest to own this Missal. I was, however, disappointed to discover it is incomplete. The first Mass at which I used this was the Optional Memorial of Juan Diego. After the Collect, there was no page to turn to for the rest of the Presidential Prayers and antiphons. Under the Common for Holy Men & Women, sections B and C are missing, which would have had the prayers for One Saint. I expect I shall find other omissions as the year goes on. Best Uses: An aid to prayer, For participation during, Preparing for Mass; Cons: Incomplete; Pros: Beautiful, Comfortable to carry, Easy to use, Extensive Prayer section, Guide for good Catholics, Luxurious

Very Satisfied

Review: Makes Mass a more personal experience. Many devotional prayers are a bonus. Pros: Everything I expected

I will teasure this beautiful missal.

Review: It is a beautiful book.It looks lovely on a table or desk. It just draws you in to take it in hand and open it and start reading.The pages are thin and fragile so be gentle with it.I plan to use it for daily private prayer and meditation. Best Uses: Daily mass readings, Daily private prayer; Cons: Pages are very thin; Pros: Comforting to hold, Easy to Carry, Easy To Read, Soft ribbons

A beautiful book!

Review: This missal was beautiful. The cover was lovely as were the pages. It was just too large and heavy for me to handle. I would not recommend it for older people with any arthritis in their hands. It made me very sad to return it. Cons: Too large for me to hold; Pros: Very well done

Well made and attractive

Review: Easy to use

Daily Roman Missal, Third Addition

Review: I ordered this missal to replace two very dated daily missals and one Sunday missal. It succeeds in consolidating all daily and weekend liturgies in one volume. To that extent it is, overall, well done. However it was described as having added: "The sixteen new saints in the Churches calendar of feast days." It has failed to do that by excluding St. Faustina. What strikes me as disappointing about this is that a number of lesser known new saints are included in the new missal such as saints: Ansgar, Polycarp, Kateri Tekakwitha, and saint Hedwig, to name a few. The publisher could not offer a good reason for St. Faustina not being included in the new missal suggesting only that it "could be politics," that is, politics within the church hierarchy. Seems to me we have enough of that and it shouldn't be carried over to a daily missal. Cons: Left out St Faustina; Pros: Consolidated prayers, Updated Mass changes, Well Organized

Very high quality

Review: Just what I needed to be able to attend Mass everyday of the year. Pros: Attractive cover, Easily lies open, Easy to read font, Easy to use, Enough marking ribbons, Not Heavy

I like this missal but I'm still looking

Review: This book feels good in my hands and looks good. It is well constructed, although I wish they had use fatter ribbons. I feel like they might not last as long as the rest of the book. The Latin is limited. When I ordered this book I was expecting all the readings to be in Latin with English translations. I like to follow along with the priest during the Latin Mass on Sundays. I can't do that with this missal. Although it is good for the English Mass. I find myself still using my old 1962 version during the Latin Masses on Sundays and using this one for Weekday Masses and English Masses on Sundays. Best Uses: Weekday Masses; Cons: Limited Latin; Pros: Feels good to hold

Awesome Book

Review: I use the Daily Missal every day. I am very happy that I was able to find this. I was disappointed that I could not find this in the Catholic Book stores I frequent before Advent started. It is so easy to use and follow. Best Uses: Every day; Pros: Easy to follow

Roman Missal Third Edition

Review: This is an exceptional book and a great value for the money. It is made beautifully and its pure class. The leather is soft and very well done. The pages are beautifully gold leafed. Best Uses: Daily Use; Cons: none; Pros: Exceptional Item

What a Value -- In Substance and Price!

Review: I use the Roman Missal each day at Mass, and find the layout to be extremely helpful (prayers before Mass, after, plus it covers special spiritual events in the life of an individual and family. I value it as I would a precious work of art. Other than the print being a bit small, it is perfect for my liturgical needs.

Very pleased

Review: I use the Roman Missal to follow the daily readings at morning mass and for prayer. There's also a section on how to be a better Catholic which I like to refer to. It doesn't come with a case, so I am looking for a zippered one to protect it during transport. Best Uses: The daily readings; Pros: Easy to follow, Good formatting, It has 6 bookmarks

Daily Roman Missal, Third Edition

Review: I use this book every chance I get, I love the meditations they provide daily, along with follow at home mass when you are unable to attend services due to illness, you can still follow mass on tv without being lost. I know the book has a lot of great qualities and is a must own for anyone who wishes to grow with Christ and be close to their church again, however I wish they had some hymns included.

Daily Roman Missal, Third Edition

Review: Service and Delivery as advertised Pros: Compact, Comprehensive, Easy to use

Exactly what mom wanted! Perfect gift!

Review: Mother has repeatedly thanked my sister & I for the birthday/Easter gift of Daily Roman Missal Third Edition! She is a devoted daily mass attendee and when the changes were made and the updated missal version was not yet available for purchase, she was resorting to multiple handouts from the various parishes she attends to follow along. She loved the personalization. Great job!

Too bulky

Review: I use the product effective on daily masses but on sunday mass where the mass is too fast and quick like a commercial carwash i would just use the missalet as the priest still alter the wording. Best Uses: Daily masses, Not for sunday, Prayer book; Cons: bulky, Lots of unnecessary pages; Pros: Gilded sides, Nice long ribbon markers, Nice pages turn easily

Outstanding...way better than expected!

Review: I am a daily Mass attendee and the missal provides me with the 'play-by-play' needed to stay involved with the Mass. Easy to read. Easy to follow along with the priest. Nice to have the Latin version right along with the English version as our church offers the Latin Mass once a week!

Great gift!

Review: I bought this missal as a gift for my husband. It is so beautiful!!!

Highly Recommended

Review: I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to grow deeper in their faith. Excellent for either daily mass or for reading the daily gospels. The book is large but I find myself keeping it with me. It is beautifully crafted and well worth having.

Beautiful missal

Review: Very nice! I bought it as a gift for my husband. Beautiful!!!
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