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Daily Roman Missal 3rd Edition

Daily Roman Missal 3rd Edition

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4.285714 / 5 stars
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Product Description

  • Daily Roman Missal 3rd Edition
  • Available in black or burgundy
  • Ideal for personal use
  • Perfect way to deepen your devotion and foster attention during Mass
  • Beautiful, thoughtful gift idea


The hardback edition will be available in burgundy (Item# 1111711) and black (Item#1111712). The new Daily Roman Missal (according to the Roman Missal, Third Edition with the new English translation) includes prayers and readings to all Sunday and daily Masses in one volume. It is a complete source for following the Mass, and reflecting on its profound beauty and grace.

Special features:

  • Prayers, antiphons, and readings (A-B-C cycle for Sundays, two-year cycle for weekdays) for all Masses throughout the liturgical year.
  • The Order of Mass, Psalm responses, Alleluia verses, and numerous prayers in English and Latin.
  • Contains all the saints on the General Roman Calendar, adapted for use in the dioceses of the United States of America.
  • Six placeholder ribbons
  • Over 200 pages of prayers and devotions
  • Liturgical calendar of dates through 2026
  • Durable Smyth-sewn binding that lays flat from cover to cover when open
  • Latin translation of the Novus Ordo is included for the mass parts.  It does NOT contain the Tridentine Latin Mass.
  • Eucharistic Prayers for Reconciliation I and II are NOT included in this particular version of the Third Revised Daily Roman Missal.

This edition is ideal for personal use, at just 4.75" x 6.75," it easily fits in a briefcase, backpack, or carry-on when traveling. The missal is so much more than just a companion to the Mass.  It is a wealth of prayers and teachings!


Concordat Cum Originali: Published with the approval of the Committee on Divine Worship United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Texts of Roman Missal, Third Edition, Copyright 2010, International Committee on English in the Liturgy, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Need Help Using Your Missal? Click here for "How-To Use The Daily Roman Missal"

Below is an initial "set up" ribbons suggestion.  It gives the new user somewhere to start—which can be adjusted as their proficiency develops.


1st ribbon--place in the proper location for the readings--Proper of Time

2nd ribbon--place in first page of the Introductory Rites/Confiteor

3rd ribbon--at the Liturgy of the Eucharist

4th ribbon--at Communion Rite / Our Father

5th ribbon--at the Proper of the Saints

6th ribbon--at the Prayers Before / After Mass

Need a cover for this?

See item #2012002 and choose the small size.


Dimensions & Specifications

  • ISBN: 9781594171512
  • Author: Published by Rev. James Socias
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 2514
  • Language: English

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Reviews - Daily Roman Missal 3rd Edition

Average Customer Rating
(4.29/5 Stars, 35 Ratings) Based on 35 Reviews

Daily Roman Missal Review

Review: Missal was a gift for my comadre--she liked it very much. One small thing I found was that the print is quite small, but otherwise, very nice.

A Joy to Have

Review: I am a Franciscan brother, and I find this to be very helpful in many ways. First in preparation for Daily Prayers, then for the Sunday Eucharist, and finally to assist with the readings for the week when producing the parish bulletin. It was a sound choice for me. And one that I am blessed with.

Wonderful to have changes in the Mass

Review: Wonderful to have the changes at Mass, but need to get used to it. Cons: Will take time to get use

It has everything I wanted plus more.

Review: The missal is easy to use, and I love the devotions and prayers. I also like the way it explains topics such as defining what an indulgence is. It also goes into great detail on explaining the Rosary.

Missal has complete Mass including Latin

Review: I mark the Mass ahead. My grandchildren can then follow along. I like having the Latin Mass in order to study both the English & Latin versions. I was disappointed that one of the ribbon markers had been cut and inexpertly repaired with sticky fabric glue, rather than being replaced entirely. The Missal is complex to follow but that is because of the volume of information contained within. It will take a little more work before I feel fully comfortable using this missal. Best Uses: Allow children to follow, Mark Mass ahead; Cons: Very complex to use; Pros: Contains complete Mass, Has dates to mark Mass, Has ribbon markers

Letty Alvarez, Inverness, Florida

Review: The words are a lot meaningful to the latin version. I love it, it's less distraction, more participation in the passion of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. It increases our faith,Penitential Rite, enchanting the Gloria, and the Creed "I believe" it pertains to ones belief. I love the Eucharistic Prayers I to IV which is the heart of the mass.

More than I expected

Review: The instructional small print turns out to be informative guide. Has all needed for understanding the Catholic devotions. However, unless you have a familiarity with the bible, the references on the Readings in the Mass may call for a little research other than just alphabetical....but that's a point of my personal inexperience. Pros: All needed explanations, Handsome construction, Thorough to a fault

Too Complicated

Review: There was too much page turning, back and forth. I wanted a Missal that I could just go to the day and read along with the Mass. With this Missal, you had to go back and forth, and I felt it would take away from my concentrating on the mass.

concise, complete litergies in one book

Review: Learning to use this format slowly,but am glad to have it all in one book Best Uses: Sunday; Cons: Learning to use; Pros: All inclusive

New Roman Daily Missal

Review: I had the old version Missal. The new one has been very helpful in understanding all the changes. I use it every Sunday. I would definitely recommend this missal. Best Uses: For Weekly Mass; Pros: Easy To Understand, Very helpful

Complete but confusing

Review: This missal is very full of everything you need for Mass, but it's arrangement is extremely confusing and hard for everyday use. You will be flipping pages all during the Mass. I bought it for my elderly mother and she gave it back to me because she found it confusing.

Disappointing Missal

Review: Got this as a gift for my daily mass attending husband. It has been difficult for him to find the right sections; it would be better if daily readings were in one book and sunday/feasts were in a separate. It's heavy and bulky. It falls open unlike previous missals that had zippers. It looks good with its gold page edges but is otherwise less than user-friendly. Best Uses: Trying to be current; Cons: Complicated hard to find, Heavy3book old StJoeBest, Small difficult to read; Pros: New

Takes some getting used to

Review: It took some getting used to after using just a Sunday missal. But after I "studied" it for a while I have everything marked. I also made "cheat sheets" for the front covers so I could find the Eucharistic Prayer being used and the new wording so I didn't have to flip back and forth so much. Am enjoying following along with the daily readings even though I don't attend daily mass. I agree that the Advent pages were confusing. Cons: Difficult To Navigate; Pros: Ribbon markers

Product performance

Review: I bought a book as a gift and it was well received

Highly recommended

Review: I used the old missals, which were three in number: One for Sunday and two for all the weekday Masses during the year. I just love having one book that I can use for everything everyday. I also love the gold embossing that spells out my name on the front of the missal. It gives one a real feeling of ownership! Best Uses: At home and at Mass; Pros: All inclusive, I love the binding, The extras are valuable, The intermittent prints, The ribbons are nice

Not what I expected

Review: I was expecting to receive a Latin Missal which contained all the daily readings in both English and Latin. I like to follow the priest when he is reading the Latin. However I find that there are only English and no Latin translations of the daily readings and Gospel. My 1962 addition contains all the readings in Latin and English. In my opion, this is not a complete Daily Roman Missal. I also find it harder to follow the Mass with the Prefaces spliting the order of the Mass. It would be better to have the order of the Mass a separate section, with separate sections for the Prefaces following the order of the Mass. I find myself having to flip back and forth too many times searching for too many items.

I've been waiting for this for years

Review: Organizing 2000 pages of text that covers the entire year is no easy task. If you are familiar with the way the Liturgy of the Hours is organized the organization of the Daily Roman Missal will be similar. It took me only a few uses to become familiar with how to navigate quickly. What complicates the matter is that we are not yet familiar with the new Eucharistic Prayers...but this too is coming along nicely. Best Uses: DailyMass; Pros: Complete, Organization

I love my New Roman Missal

Review: I love this company it not only has the best products but the customer service is out of this world the best I have ever had dealings with. The most polite, understanding, caring people I can't say enough about them. They are the best. Thank You, Catholic Company Best Uses: To better understand Mass, To follow the Mass, When I feel alone; Pros: Easy to use and read, Every family should have

This product is exactly what I wanted!

Review: I use this produce daily. I love being able to read ahead. The long and short form Gospel readings are very useful especially if time is limited. The only thing I feel can be a bit of a problem is the weight of product. Other than that I am very satisfied. Best Uses: Daily uses, Great study material, Looking ahead of masses; Cons: Larger than expected; Pros: It is easy to understand, It refers to bible verses, Like the optional verses, Very happy with product

New Roman Catholic Missal

Review: It is used for daily mass. This was purchased to replace my preferred large print, leather, soft cover missal.

The New Daily Roman Missal has more info

Review: This has much more info than my prior Missal. It is easy to read and very well organized. Everything a new or seasoned Catholic needs. Best Uses: Home reading praying, Weekly Mass; Cons: Words small for old man; Pros: List of Prayers before Ma, Long list of Devotiions, Well Organized

I would buy this product again

Review: The product is very useful

Packed with features

Review: I had a Sunday only missal before, with only English text and two ribbons. This is definitely a step up, and not as difficult to get used to as I thought it would be. Tthe smaller, light shaded type is a frustration that kept this from getting all the available stars. Best Uses: Anytime; Cons: Colored type hard to read, Print is a bit small; Pros: Includes latin text, Lots of ribbon markers, Many seldom found prayers, Solid binding, Well-organized

Brain overload

Review: I returned product and exchanged it for a subscription to Magnificat-It was just too confusing to find the correct readings and prayers Cons: Very confusing; Pros: Attractive cover, Lightweight, Perfect Size

Roman Missal

Review: I use it every Sunday. Glad I have it since the change in Mass. And I like that it's in Latin also.

Daily Roman Missal

Review: I will be waiting for the Sunday Mass version. Cons: bulky, Complicated, Heavy; Pros: Complete

Exceptional Publication

Review: A very nice Daily Missal. Not much bigger than my previous Sunday Missal. Pros: Easy to follow, Lots of marker ribbons, Very well made

Great purchase

Review: Easy to read & follow along. I wanted to get the new translation & am very pleased with the hard cover version of the Daily Missal. Highly recommend to anyone looking for the new translation. Best Uses: DAILY READING, Sunday mass; Pros: Nice size, Quality binding Size

daily roman missal

Review: Everything is easy to find & very useful to have 6 marker ribbons. Cons: Doesn't come with a case; Pros: Has everything i need in

Daily Roman Missal -- Scepter / MTF

Review: Portable missal for a priest who travels. Has all the essentials. Uses precious space for Latin text & 200 pp devotional material -- I'd prefer more Masses for Various Needs & bigger print. Best Uses: Deepening daily prayer, Traveling priests; Cons: Missing some Masses; Pros: Complete texts, Everything essential, Portable

Bought as gift-He loved it!

Review: I bought this as a birthday present for my boyfriend, and it was better than what he had asked for. He's very happy and I have to say I'm impressed with the layout. It's a wonderful companion for mass. Best Uses: Transition to new missal; Cons: none; Pros: Binding lays flat, Easy To Read, Has the Latin Mass, Love It

Great Book

Review: For Advent only it took me a while to realize the weekdays following Sunday year A, B, and C were for all three years. Best Uses: Private meditation, Weekday Sunday Mass; Cons: Advent weekly not clear; Pros: Very user friendly, Would buy again if needed

Daily Roman Missal

Review: An indespensable addtion to any Catholic's daily / Sunday Mass and prayer life. Best Uses: Daily Mass and prayers; Cons: none; Pros: Complete Roman Missal, Third addition

The Missal is wonderful

Review: This Missal is really great, there some things I've got to get used to but I'll get used to them.

Everything I Hoped For

Review: I love this missal. I like to read along at Mass, and the readings are included for weekdays as well as weekend Masses. There are plenty of extras such as prayers before Mass, Communion, Confession Etc.
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