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Enamel 4-way with 24 Chain

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This 1" rhodium medal features a dove on red-enameled center. Comes on 24" rhodium chain with no clasp. The 4-Way medal contains the Miraculous Medal, Scapular Medal, St. Joseph and St. Christopher. The words “I am a Catholic; please call a priest” are inscribed on the back. Comes in a plastic gift box.

Color: Silver

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Reviews - Enamel 4-way with 24 Chain

Average Customer Rating
(5.00/5 Stars, 2 Ratings) Based on 2 Reviews

Protection, Protection, and Protection

Review: I brought this about one year ago, and had a Franciscan Brother bless it, this has been the best purchase I have ever made. For NOTHING can put a price on protection and devotion. Cons: Not for sensative skin; Pros: It's beautiful

Protection, Devotion, and Awesome

Review: I just received this today (4-2-2012), and I couldn't be happier. I ordered 2 crucifixes to wear, and the first was too too big and the other was nice but it just wasn't cutting it for me and I felt it was too bland of a crucifix; don't get me wrong, I love GOD and Jesus and love wearing something to remind me of their love, but I just wasn't in love with that particular crucifix. BUT this 4-way medal did it for me. I love it and will cherish it my whole entire life. I love how it has so many medals depicted into this cross and I don't have to wear numerous ones, nad have to worry about them tangling up with each other when wearing them in the day or when I take them off when I go to bed. The ST.JOSEPH medal is the final icing on this medal for me, as my church is St.Joseph and I attended the small parish school of st.joseph's church. I plan on getting this medal blessed, which will make it all that more special to me. If you want to order this and unsure of it please don't hesitate and order it for yourself....this is an investment in your catholic religon and it will be with you for the rest of your life. I know I'm glad I did. Cons: none; Pros: 4 medals in 1, Love It, Miraculous medal, Order it over and over, Perfect Size, Red adds a pop of color, Scapular Medal, St christoper medal, St joseph medal
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