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First Comes Love

First Comes Love

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In First Comes Love-Finding Your Family in the Church and the Trinity, Dr. Hahn's explains the essential teachings of Catholicism in a clear and straightforward style. Rather than burdening the reader with obscure references and academic arguments, he writes of familiar feelings and situations and allows the theology to unfold in a natural, down-to-earth way.
And now it's easier than ever to understand the writings of the popular professor of theology because, Dr. Hahn's book is also available on 4 CDs, read by the author himself! Finally, you'll be able to catch every nuance of meaning as you listen to Scott Hahn read his own insightful words about the most fundamental aspects of his theological approach.


Family Life in the Image of the Trinity

True to form, in First Comes Love, Dr. Hahn dives into the Gospels to show how "family terminology", words like brother, sister, mother, father and home, dominate the words of Our Lord and the writings of His first followers. It is these words that truly illuminate the central ideas of the Catholic Faith.
As you explore such concepts as the fatherhood of God, the marriage of the Church to Christ, and the all-encompassing role of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Hahn will deepen your understanding of the Sacraments and teach you how to create a family life in the image of the Trinity. In chapter after chapter he demonstrates the ways in which the analogy of the family applies to every aspect of our Catholic Faith and its many practices, from the role of "Father" embodied by the ancient Patriarchs and contemporary parish priests, to the comfort and guidance offered by our brothers and sisters who comprise the Communion of Saints, to the nurturing embrace of the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of all Christians.


Real Life Examples

Through real-life examples (both humorous and compassionate) and quotations drawn from the Scriptures and the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, Dr. Hahn makes it clear that no matter what sort of family you may come from, no matter what sort of "dysfunction" you may have experienced, you can find a family in the Church. Whether you're a recent convert, or a life-long Catholic, First Comes Love will provide you with an invitation to discover for yourself, a true home in the divine life of the Trinity.
Order your copy (book, tapes or CDs) today and remember when you order either audio version of First Comes Love, you'll experience Scott Hahn's important theological work in a new way that goes beyond the words on the page. For the first time, the best selling author actually reads his latest book for you!



  • The Oldest Story in the World
  • Adam's Family Values
  • The First Christian Revolution
  • Life in the Trinity
  • At Home in the Church
  • The Sacred Hearth
  • The Tribal Belt
  • The Son also Rises
  • God is One But Not Solitary
  • Making Sense of the Story
  • The Cross is a Trinitarian Event
  • An Upward Fall
  • There's No Place Like Rome
  • And more!



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Dimensions & Specifications

  • ISBN: 9780385496629
  • Author: Scott Hahn
  • Pages: 212
  • Language: English
  • Occasion: Summer Vacation

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This item has not been rated.
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