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The Flesh of God

The Flesh of God

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Product Description

  • A celebration of the season
  • Daily Bible study for Advent and Christmas


Prepare for Advent and live out Christmas by studying Matthew and Luke's infancy narratives! Featuring a unique "two bible studies in one" format, this study is specifically constructed to match your journey through the four weeks of Advent and the twelve days of Christmas. The weekly Bible study, designed for those with a busy Advent and Christmas schedule, provides a short summary of the doctrines and liturgical connections present in the verses under study for that week.

The daily Bible study, designed for those with more time, presents a more in-depth look at the week's verses. Study questions, Catechism references and Scripture cross-references are included in order to enhance each day's study. However, since the daily Bible study is keyed to match the weekly Bible study, it is possible for two people who have different amounts of time to study the Scriptures together. A bible study leader might do the daily work in order to prepare for the weekly group lesson, for instance.

You will discover dozens of liturgical and doctrinal facts, like:

  • How the censor used in liturgy represents the Incarnation
  • How the Mass is prefigured in the events of Christ's birth
  • Why the angel responded so differently to Zechariah and Mary
  • Why Matthew's infancy narrative account is so different from Luke's
  • What the Septuagint is, and what impact it has on Bible study
  • The six major liturgical prayers embedded in Luke's account...
    and much more!

    This study will help you put Advent and Christmas in proper perspective. Celebrate the seasons by studying the Scriptures! Contemplate the Flesh of God!

ISBN: 9780971812802
Author: Steve Kellmeyer
Format: Softcover
Pages: 96
Language: English
Occasion: Advent

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