St. Augustine’s Feast Day

the Confessions of St. Augustine

St. Augustine is one of the most influential doctors of the Catholic Church.  He was born in the Roman province of  Numidia, North Africa in 354. Born of a pagan father and a christian mother, St. Monica,  his early education was that of a young pagan gentleman.   St.  Augustine’s  infamous life of impurity and practice of Manichaeism reveal […]

St. Monica’s Memorial Day


Today marks the memorial day (August 27)  of St. Monica the patron saint of difficult marriages.  Most of what is known about this devout and patient saint is from her much-loved son, St. Augustine of Hippo.  In his book “Confessions”, he relays much detail of Monica’s life. Monica was married to a pagan man of violent […]

Saint Rose of Lima Feast Day


August 23 rd marks the Feast Day for St. Rose of Lima, patron saint of florists and gardeners.  St. Rose was canonized in 1671 as the first saint from the Americas.  She is the patroness of Latin America and the Philippines. St. Rose took the name “Rose” at confirmation, when she was a child a […]

The Feast of the Assumption

Dormition of the Virgin Icon

August 15th marks the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  This is the day the church recognizes both the passing of Mary and her assumption into heaven.  This is also referred to as the “Dormition of the Virgin Mary”, as seen in this Russian icon.  The icon depicts the story of Mary […]

CMN (Catholic Marketing Network) Trade Show Review

CMN-Rosary Station

We have just returned from the annual CMN (Catholic Marketing Network) trade show, held August 3rd through the 6th in King of Prussia, PA.  CMN has been in existence since 1996 as a way for professionals in the industry to get together and exchange information. The Catholic Marketing Network holds a trade show annually to bring […]


This year’s Catholic New Media Celebration was held in Boston, MA. The CNMC has grown over the last three years when attendance was just over 100 to over 170 this year. The Catholic Company is a sponsor.