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Be an Instant Hero: Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Attention all sons, daughters, and husbands: Mother’s Day is fast approaching. But you don’t have to panic, we’ve been thinking ahead for you. We’ve lined up some great gifts your mothers are sure to love this year, making you an … Continue reading

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Sacrament Spotlight: Holy Communion

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According to the Papal Encyclical Lumen Gentium, what is the “source and summit of the Christian life”? Hint: It’s not the Holy Spirit, the communion of saints, or the Holy See.

Answer: It’s the Eucharist!
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You Know You’re Catholic When

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“You know you’re Catholic when . . . ” jokes! Continue reading

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Saint George: The Courageous and Faithful

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Today is the feast day of one of the greatest and mysterious saints to have lived: St. George. St. George was martyred in the fourth century and was a soldier. Continue reading

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April Birthstone (Diamond) Rosary

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One of the most famous birthstone’s is the unique April Birthstone, diamond. Diamond is one of the famous gems throughout history. As many know, the diamond is the hardest substance on earth. Continue reading

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Catechism of the Catholic Church: A Tool For Answering Tough Questions

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Why do Catholics pray to the Saints and Mary? Where do you find purgatory and praying for the dead in the Bible? Mary was only a virgin until the birth of Christ because Christ had blood brothers, right? Continue reading

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Your Graduate Is Sure To Love A Catholic Graduation Gift

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Studies show that each year over 1.2 million students drop out of high school and high school graduates make on average $200,000 more in their lifetime than their non-graduate brethren (college graduates make on average $800,000 more than high school dropouts). Continue reading

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Divine Mercy Chaplet: Experience God’s Mercy Anew

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This Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday in which Catholics celebrate the power of the Divine Mercy of Christ. Continue reading

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Surprise Experience At The Monastery

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Over the Holy Triduum this year I went on a retreat at the Abbey of Belmont, North Carolina. Any and all male students at Belmont Abbey College are invited to partake of this wonderful retreat. Continue reading

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Meditations for Holy Week: Easter Sunday

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Alleluia! He is risen! This is the most joyous feast of the year. Christ’s death and resurrection is the foundation of the Christian Faith.

The church is now filled with the spirit of Jesus and with His Light.
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