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Great Father’s Day Gifts for Even Better Dads

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What classic American holiday’s origin is Fairmont, Virginia in 1908? Father’s Day! Father’s Day was first celebrated for 210 fathers lost in a mining disaster. Continue reading

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List of Top 10 Classic Catholic Books

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In my opinion there are no greater people to have “conversations” with through their writing than Catholic saints. Catholic saints have written some of the most beautiful literature which inspires, educates, encourages, and informs us how to live a holy and happy life. Continue reading

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Catholic Wedding Gifts Help Newly Married Couples

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Weddings are one of the most beautiful celebrations in the lives of two people, their families, and their friends. Continue reading

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St Michael Medal: A Powerful Gift For Military Personnel

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Memorial Day is quickly appraoching and it is important to remember that this is a day of honoring and remembering those deceased American veterans who have served our country throughout the years. Continue reading

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Guardian Angels and You: A Match Made In Heaven

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What has protected you since your conception, is not made of physical matter, and was given a mission to help you attain salvation? Your Guardian Angel. Continue reading

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Magnificat: A Tool For Daily Prayer

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The Magnificat is a magazine quickly sweeping the Catholic World. The Magnificat is a daily mass companion which is second to none in its pocket-sized, easy-to-read nature. Continue reading

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A Marian Garden Made in Heaven

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I’m certainly not an avid gardener like my mother, but I do like my outdoor spaces to be pleasant and inviting . . . a nice place outside to rest, and to read or pray from time to time. There is just something about a soft breeze or a starry night that allows the senses to move the soul heavenward. I thought I would encourage this effect even more by creating my own Marian garden, that is, surrounding a beautiful outdoor Mary statue with lots of beautiful garden plants. Continue reading

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Sacrament Spotlight: Holy Matrimony

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Of all of the Sacraments, none has been, and more than likely will continue to be, more brutalized, disturbed, and augmented than the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. Continue reading

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May Birthstone (Emerald) Rosary

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Emerald is one of the most famous gemstones in the world and is considered the May birthstone. Emerald has been worn and used for centuries as many have thought that it brings both intelligence and power. Continue reading

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Catholic Gifts and making a difference

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In Western society we have a beautiful tradition of gift-giving. We have numerous days on which we give gifts to one another including birthdays, religious events, religious holidays, etc. Continue reading

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