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Feast of the Archangels: September 29

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September 29  is the Feast of the Archangels.  Although there are seven archangels (Tobit 12:15, Rev. 8:2), only three are mentioned by name in the Catholic Bible: St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael.  Only one, St. Michael, is specifically … Continue reading

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Catholic Garden Contest Winners Announced!

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Thank you so much to the 71 entries submitted over the entire summer to our first annual Catholic Garden Contest.  As with our other photo contests, it was really hard to choose a winner! With much angst and consternation, we … Continue reading

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St. Vincent de Paul: A Man of Great Charity and Courage

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Today is the feast day of St. Vincent de Paul. St. Vincent de Paul is well-known throughout the world. He is famous for instituting the Congregation of Priests of the Mission, more commonly known as the Lazarists, and for founding the Congregation of the Daughters of Charity. Continue reading

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Catholic Bible Study: A tool for living out the Year of Faith

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According to, Pope Benedict XVI announced in his letter “Porta Fidei” that the Year of Faith will commence October 11th of this year. Continue reading

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How to Choose a Baby Gift for an Infant Baptism

We have lots of customers who aren’t quite sure what kind of gift to get for an infant baptism. The kind of gift that you would get for an ordinary baby shower doesn’t seem to be quite right . . . because this is a religious event, an important milestone in a child’s life that has eternal significance, so it’s important to get a meaningful gift with special significance to remember this special day. So, what kind of gift should you give to a baby for their baptism day? Here are a few tips . . . Continue reading

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Great Ways to Use the Leather Cover for a Magnificat Magazine

The Magnificat Magazine is a treasured Catholic magazine used by millions for their daily devotions, daily prayers, and daily Mass readings. A lot of great material is packed into such a little magazine, and it’s a handy size for keeping in your purse. The soft cover of the Magnificat keeps the magazine lightweight and inexpensive . . . but, it also can get pretty beat up when you’re using it every day for a whole month until next month’s issue arrives. Continue reading

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The Phenomenon of Catholic Art in the Home

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There are many traditions in the Catholic Church that I was not familiar with until I began attending Belmont Abbey College in the Fall of 2009. One of those traditions is that of having a great deal of Catholic art in homes. Continue reading

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Our Lady of Sorrows: A Reflection on the Sufferings of Mary

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Today is the feast day of Our Lady of Sorrows. This feast day was born of the Servite Order, and in the seventeenth and eighteenth century it spread throughout the Catholic Church. Continue reading

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Venerating the Cross on the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross

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September 14th is the feast day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, also known as the Triumph of the Cross or the Elevation of the Cross. This is the day the Church celebrates both the discovery and the recovery of the true cross of Jesus Christ. There is a very interesting historical account surrounding this ancient feast day. Continue reading

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What’s the Difference Between a Rosary and a Chaplet?

Do you ever get confused about what makes a rosary a rosary, and what makes a chaplet a chaplet? They are both strings of beads that are used by Catholics to pray variations of the Our Father and Hail Mary, but they are a bit different. Here is a short video where I explain the difference between a rosary and a chaplet. Continue reading

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