Catholic Garden Contest Winners Announced!

first place

Thank you so much to the 71 entries submitted over the entire summer to our first annual Catholic Garden Contest.  As with our other photo contests, it was really hard to choose a winner! With much angst and consternation, we narrowed it down to the top 4, one grand prize winner ($100 gift certificate to […]

How to Choose a Baby Gift for an Infant Baptism

We have lots of customers who aren’t quite sure what kind of gift to get for an infant baptism. The kind of gift that you would get for an ordinary baby shower doesn’t seem to be quite right . . . because this is a religious event, an important milestone in a child’s life that has eternal significance, so it’s important to get a meaningful gift with special significance to remember this special day. So, what kind of gift should you give to a baby for their baptism day? Here are a few tips . . .

Great Ways to Use the Leather Cover for a Magnificat Magazine

The Magnificat Magazine is a treasured Catholic magazine used by millions for their daily devotions, daily prayers, and daily Mass readings. A lot of great material is packed into such a little magazine, and it’s a handy size for keeping in your purse. The soft cover of the Magnificat keeps the magazine lightweight and inexpensive . . . but, it also can get pretty beat up when you’re using it every day for a whole month until next month’s issue arrives.

Top 7 Best Selling Rosaries at The Catholic Company

connemara rosary

Have you ever been at a loss for what kind of rosary to buy for yourself, or for a loved one? We have many styles available here at The Catholic Company, and we understand that some of our customers may be at a loss for which to choose. There are so many kinds of rosaries: long ones and short ones, wood beads and glass beads, plain ones and fancy ones, and even rosaries for all kinds of special devotions. So to help you out, here is a short video blog on our top seven best-selling rosaries over the past year.