The Technical Side of Choosing a Rosary


Give me a rosary, any rosary will do!

Is this how you feel about choosing a rosary? Or are you a bit more particular about the kind of rosary you choose? I’m sure you’ve noticed that finding the right rosary will increase the likelihood of you actually using it, however silly that may sound. Getting the right look and feel that attracts you is a great way to ensure that your rosary becomes a call to prayer instead of getting lost in a drawer.

Praying with a Crucifix Like a Saint

San Damiano Cross

Now, when you actually use a crucifix as an object to pray with (kind of how you would with a rosary), a crucifix becomes an especially powerful aid to prayer. Having a crucifix before your eyes is a great way to meditate on the passion of Jesus so that you can be more closely united with him in it.

Does Wearing Catholic Jewelry Still Matter?

rosary necklace

Once upon a time, Catholic jewelry used to be the mark of an actual Catholic.  Although wearing religious jewelry among Christians has been common for quite some time, you could still tell a difference. For example, if someone was wearing a cross necklace, it was safe to guess they were Protestant. But if you saw […]

Covert Tactics to Convert Your Loved Ones


There are probably few things harder to deal with than watching a loved one resist a deeper conversion to Christ. This loved one may be a fallen away son or daughter, parent, spouse, or friend; they may be complacent, rebellious, or uninterested; they may be a cradle Catholic or an unbeliever. Regardless of their specific situation, you care about them very much and you wish you could do something to help draw them into spiritual conversion

The Year of Faith: Making the Most of It


We are all probably intimately aware that the Christian Faith is in decline in the Western world. The Faith that once strongly under-girded our politics, our science, and our morality is now becoming a thing of the past. Faith separated from politics has an ugly past of intolerant secularism that eventually leads to totalitarianism. We can already presently see how Faith separated from morality results in human desire replacing the natural law. Faith separated from science has an ugly future of human eugenics.

With this disturbing picture, we can now understand why the Holy Father designated an entire year devoted to increasing our faith. The Apostolic letter which announced the Year of Faith is Porta Fidei meaning “Door of Faith”.