Three Easy Ways to Decorate a Nativity Scene

How to Decorate a Nativity Scene

Just for fun, I took one of our nativity scene sets from the warehouse and dressed it up in a few different ways. I wanted to give our customers some ideas for dressing up the figures a little bit so it makes an even more beautiful decoration rather than displaying it out of the box. I used only three ideas and bought the supplies from a local craft store and spent less than $20.

Advent Traditions: The Jesse Tree Kit

Jesse Tree Kit

An excellent Christian educational resource to celebrate the Advent and Christmas season with your children is the Jesse Tree tradition. A Jesse Tree recreates the genealogy of Jesus as presented in the Catholic Bible beginning with the first of Jesus’ ancestors, Adam and Eve, up to Mary and Joseph, Jesus’ mother and adoptive father.  The […]

Top 4 Most Popular Advent Activities for Kids

Jesse Tree Kit

Each winter families all over the world celebrate the Advent season, the four weeks of December prior to the big celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas day. Over the centuries, and even in recent decades, several Advent traditions have emerged as favorites among families. Not surprisingly, they are ones that best teach kids about the Christian faith and help them join with the Church’s liturgical calendar.

Our Ultimate Advent & Christmas Gift Guide: The Best-Sellers

Nativity Ceramic Advent Candleholder

Getting ready for the Advent and Christmas season? We’ve put together an ultimate gift guide listing our top holiday sellers all in one spot. Each of the products listed here were our best-sellers from last season. It was tough doing this research and putting this article together, but we’ve done it just for you!