The Easter Triduum: What is it?


Holy Week is the most sacred week in Christianity, the pinnacle of the liturgical year, even more sacred than Christmas. Holy Week commemorates the final week of Our Lord’s life, the reason for which Christmas happened.

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, when Jesus made his final entrance into Jerusalem, and culminates with Easter Sunday. As Holy Week progresses to its final days the solemnity heightens.

The Catholic Company Interviews Dr. Matthew Bunson, Leading Authority on the Papacy & the Church

Matthew Bunson

Dr. Matthew Bunson sits down with us at The Catholic Company to share his thoughts and insights on the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, its impact on the history of the Church, and other personal reflections. Dr. Matthew Bunson is one of the United States’ leading authorities on the papacy and the Church.

Pope Francis, the Die-hard Soccer Fan!

Pope Francis Soccer

This week, Buenos Aires’ football club was thrust back into the international spotlight when its most noteworthy supporter received a major promotion. On March 13, 2013, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was selected by the College of Cardinals to be the next Pope. He is the first South American to lead the church, the first non-European pope in over 1200 years, and a die-hard football fan.

4 Catholic Women Authors Reflect on Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI


When the resignation of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was announced, we gathered together some of the top Catholic authoris, speakers, and personalities to share their thoughts on the historical nature of this resignation as well as personal reflections about Benedict XVI. Here we feature our interviews with prominent female authors: Kimberly Hahn, Donna Marie Cooper O’Boyle, and Amy Welborn.

A Glimpse into the Early Life of St. Joseph

A Glimpse of the Early Life of St. Joseph

St. Joseph is one of the most loved saints because he is the man who God chose among all others to be the special guardian of the Incarnate Jesus Christ and His mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. He is the human guardian of the Holy Family.

One of our most popular-selling books is The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary by St. Anne Catherine Emmerich. St. Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824) was a nun, mystic, and visionary who had the grace of unusual glimpses with remarkable detail into the life of the Holy Family.

Excerpts from The Confession of St. Patrick: An Unlearned Man Turned Hero-Saint

St. Patrick

The story of how St. Patrick converted the Irish Celts is a fascinating one. His show down with the Druid occult—where God used him as an instrument to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, establishing the Christian religion all over the island— is not much different than what you’d read in the Old Testament about Elijah and the prophets of Baal or Moses and the Egyptian magicians.