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The Pope of the Rosary: Pope St. Pius V

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April 30 is the feast day of Pope Pius X. He was a Dominican and a pope, a great reformer of the Church, and a saint. He was especially known for his devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and a great promoter of the Holy Rosary, so much so that he is called “The Pope of the Rosary.” Continue reading

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The Feast of St. Gianna Beretta Molla: A Modern Mother’s Heroism

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April 28 is the feast day of Saint Gianna Beretta Molla, doctor and mother of four. She is a saint for our modern times with much to teach us through her life as a mother, faithful Catholic, and working woman. Continue reading

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Immaculee Ilibagiza, Rwandan Genocide Survivor, Becomes U.S. Citizen

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Yesterday Immaculee Ilibagiza became a U.S. citizen. Immaculee is a Rwandan national who fled to the United States for asylum following the 1994 civil war and horrific massacre in her home country. She is famous for telling her story of survival through books, talks, and interviews. Immaculee, a Catholic, resorted to her Catholic prayers and the messages of Our Lady of Kibeho in her hour of darkness and fear. Continue reading

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The Catholic Company Interviews Al Kresta, Gary Zimak, Fr. Roderick & James Coffey

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There’s been much flurry and excitement in the Catholic world since the short span of time from February 11 when Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI announced is resignation from the Chair of St. Peter and when Pope Francis was selected by the College of Cardinals on March 13. Posted below are our interviews with 4 popular names involved with Catholic media: Gary Zimak, host of Following the Truth on BlogTalkRadio, Al Kresta, President and CEO of Ave Maria Radio, Fr. Roderick, broadcaster & writer at We’ve also included an interview with James V. Coffey, Vice President of the Papal Foundation. Continue reading

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Fr. Kapaun, Korean War Army Chaplain, Receives Medal of Honor

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Yesterday President Obama posthumously awarded Fr. Kapaun a medal of honor for his service, valor, and self-sacrifice as an Army chaplain during the Korean War. As reported on the White House blog yesterday, here is the transcript of the President’s words before he awarded the medal to Ray Kapaun, Fr. Kapaun’s nephew at the White House yesterday. Continue reading

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New Book Release: The Miracle of Father Kapaun-Priest, Soldier and Korean War Hero

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Emil Kapaun-priest, soldier and Korean War hero- is a rare man. He is being considered by the White House for a Medal of Honor and by the Vatican for canonization as a saint. As remarkable as this double honor are the non-Catholic witnesses who attest to Father Kapaun’s heroism: the Protestants, Jews and Muslims who either served with the military chaplain in the thick of battle or endured with him the unbelievably brutal conditions of a prisoner of war camp. As journalists discovered, all of these Korean War veterans, no matter their religion, agree that Father Kapaun did more to save lives and maintain morale than any other man they know. Continue reading

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Matthew Bunson’s New Book on Pope Francis & Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

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Matthew Bunson is one of America’s leading authorities on the papacy and the Church. He has a new book out now on Pope Francis, a biography that takes you into the heart of Jorge Mario Bergoglio from his early days as a “street priest” to his election as Cardinal, and finally his appointment as Supreme Pontiff. We also interviewed him for his thoughts about the resignation of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, which you can listen to here. Continue reading

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Pope Francis’ Eucharistic Miracle in Argentina

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One recent account of a scientifically analyzed Eucharistic Miracle was witnessed by our own Pope Francis while he was Cardinal Bergoglio. We’ve included two accounts for you below, a blog article written about the miracle as well as a YouTube video by one of the witnesses. Hopefully reading and viewing these accounts will deepen your awe and reverence when receiving Holy Communion, and also encourage you to spend more time in Eucharistic Adoration. Continue reading

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