The Holy Mass: The Golden Key of Paradise

Holy Mass

In this mystical writing, The Hidden Treasure, Holy Mass, St. Leonard describes the many spiritual benefits of the Holy Mass. We often hear and read many things about the benefits of receiving the Body and Blood of Christ, which are great and profound; but this book associates great benefits to the whole Mass itself, not just the summit of the Mass which is the Holy Eucharist.

Prayer for America by John Carroll, First U.S. Bishop


Pope Pius VI named John Carroll the first bishop of the United States of America in 1789. His cousin, Charles Carroll, was one of America’s Founding Fathers and the only Catholic to sign the Declaration of Independence. Archbishop Carroll wrote the following prayer for our newly formed government on November 10, 1791, to be recited in parishes throughout his diocese.

Doubting Thomas: The Faith Strengthener?


St. Thomas the Apostle is known, unfortunately, for his momentary lack of faith. But according to Pope St. Gregory the Great, this momentary wavering belief of St. Thomas was not only providential, but the faith of “the doubter” becomes a bolster for our own faith even more so than the other disciples.