A Pope Francis Prayer Method: Praying With Your 5 Fingers

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There’s a new prayer method circulating that’s actually attributed to Pope Francis while he was still Archbishop of Argentina.

It’s a simple yet wonderful prayer method not only great for teaching kids how to pray, but it’s great for adults too as a reminder to “cover our bases” with intercessory prayer for those around us.

This method uses the fingers of the hand as a memory aid to pray for our family and friends, our teachers and doctors, for government authorities, for those who are suffering, and LASTLY for ourselves.

7 Quotes from the Saints on the Holy Name of Mary

Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Virgin MarySeptember 12th is the feast day of the Most Holy Name of Mary. In the Catholic Bible, names are very important and often contain carry great significance. When names are providentially given by God as recorded in Sacred Scripture, they are often a clue to His future plans for that person. A few names that had great significance in the Bible are Abraham (“father of a multitude), Sarah (“mother of nations”), Israel (“having power with God”), Peter (“rock”) , and of course Jesus (“God saves”). So, what does the name “Mary” mean?