“God’s Bucket List” Q & A with Teresa Tomeo


In a life full of never ending lists of “must-dos”, we constantly need to check if we are abiding by “Thy will be done” or “MY will be done”. But, we are still faced with the question: How do we know if we are on the right track? At The Catholic Company we had the privilege of talking with Teresa Tomeo about her new book, “being still”, and how she continues to be an enthusiastic and committed Catholic.

Understanding the Mary Untier of Knots Painting Symbolism

Understanding Mary Untier of Knots Symbolism

The Devotion to Mary Untier of Knots has become one of the fastest growing Marian devotions. Devotion to Our Lady under this title is not new but through the promotion of Pope Francis, it has recently grown in popularity. Pope Francis, the then Fr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, was studying in Germany when he came across an image of Mary Undoer of Knots. Struck by the painting, Fr. Jorge Mario Bergolio brought a picture of the painting and the devotion back to Germany.