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Pope Francis Challenges You: “Go to Confession”

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One of the last things Jesus did on earth after his Resurrection and before his Ascension into heaven was to give his Apostles his authority to forgive sins (John 20:21-13).

The Sacrament of Reconciliation, like all Sacraments, was instituted by Christ. It was given to us as a gift to restore our relationship to him after we damage or break it through sin. Often the Sacrament is made use of only infrequently, and mainly during the penitential seasons of Lent and Advent. But Pope Francis has clearly been trying to encourage his flock to appreciate the Sacrament on a deeper level in hope that they will make use of it much more frequently. Continue reading

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Q&A with Patrick Madrid on His New Book, “Why Be Catholic?”

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Popular Catholic author Patrick Madrid has a new book coming out this summer, and you don’t want to miss it! Madrid is a cradle Catholic and a leading popular apologist for the Catholic faith through his work with Catholic Answers, Envoy Magazine, EWTN, and Immaculate Heart Radio. He is known for being witty, engaging, knowledgeable, and charitable as he explains and defends the truth of the Catholic faith. Below is a Q&A shared by the publisher of his new book, Why Be Catholic, Ten Answers to a Very Important Question.

Continue reading

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Watch How We Make Our Personalized Prayer Cards

Prayer cards are an important part of Catholic devotion and tradition. The small, devotional pictures depicting a religious scene or saint can be mass-produced and distributed among the faithful. They are a popular and practical way to encourage people to pray and live out their faith. Continue reading

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Common Catholic Problems: What Do You Do With All Those Prayer Cards?

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There are some kind of problems that only fellow Catholics would understand.

As a new Catholic I found myself collecting all kinds of random things, many of them given to me by other Catholics who thought that I needed some good religious stuff — medals, rosaries, pamphlets, CD’s, and more than anything else — prayer cards.

At first it was just one or two. Then five or six. Soon I had a collection going. I thought, What on earth do Catholics do with all these prayer cards? Continue reading

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The 4 Patron Saints of Impossible Causes

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There are instances in every person’s life when it seems that a problem or a cross is insurmountable and unbearable. In these cases, pray to the patron saints of impossible causes: St. Rita of Cascia, St. Jude Thaddeus and St. Gregory of Neocaesarea. Continue reading

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Unconventional Marian Garden Ideas

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Each year, we receive great Catholic garden ideas from our customers, some of which are unconventional and delightful options for yards with limitations.

Since it is the month of May, we are highlighting some interesting Marian gardens. These readers prove that there are many out-of-the-box ways to create an outdoor tribute to Our Lady. Continue reading

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15 Promises to Christians Who Pray the Rosary

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In honor of the Blessed Mother, to whom the month of May is dedicated, we would like to share her 15 promises to Christians who pray the Rosary. Although there is much suffering in this world, these promises ensure a holy death, salvation and eternal happiness in heaven. Our Lady revealed the following promises to St. Dominic and Blessed Alan de la Roche: Continue reading

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Five Prayers Taught at Fatima by Mary & the Angels

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On May 13th, 1917, Our Lady appeared for the first time to three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal. Between May and October she appeared five more times. She urged the children to pray the rosary daily for peace in the world and to make sacrifices for the conversion of sinners. Over the course of these visits and several preceding visits by an angel, five prayers were given to Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta. Continue reading

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Blessed Imelda, Patroness of First Communicants

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When Imelda Lambertini was five years old, she asked to receive Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time. She loved Christ deeply, to the point of wondering, “Can anyone receive Jesus into his heart and not die?” However, as it was the year 1327, her request was out of the question. At that time children were not allowed to receive Holy Communion until they were at least 12 years old.

But she persisted. Continue reading

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Confirmation is Not the End!

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Recently I was talking to someone whose daughter just went through Confirmation formation. During the first meeting, there was one thing that they wanted to make clear- Confirmation is not the end! It is not uncommon for individuals going through confirmation to get into the mindset that this is the last step. Formation classes are over, volunteer hours are complete, and you have received the sacrament of Confirmation. What’s next? Continue reading

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