“From long experience I have learned that there is nothing like holy water to put devils to flight and prevent them from coming back again. They also flee from the Cross, but return; so holy water must have great virtue. For my own part, whenever I take it, my soul feels a particular and most notable consolation.”

– St. Teresa of Avila


When we read this quote from St. Teresa of Avila, we should be reminded of the importance of holy water. As a recalling of our baptism and our baptismal promises, Catholics dip their fingers in the holy water and make the Sign of the Cross when entering the church.

Our baptismal promises included renouncing Satan and disdaining sin. However, we probably rarely bring this to mind and take holy water for granted most of the time.  Because we use it so regularly, it’s any easy thing to do.

We must remember that this water is blessed by God in virtue of Christ’s baptism.  The  Catholic  Church  possesses  enormous  power  of  imparting sacramental grace, and holy water as a sacramental receives its power through the prayer and authority of the Church.

The rite of blessing said over water by the priest to make it holy contains prayers of exorcism.  It can banish demons, heal the sick, and send unwarranted grace upon us, and yet most of the time we cross ourselves with this water without even thinking about how holy it really is.

Read the priest’s profound prayers of blessing over holy water here and find a downloadable PDF here.

The fact of the matter is that holy water is a powerful sacramental and we ought to use it daily.  To prevent us from using it without thinking, we should consciously find ways to use it more.  Holy water can be used to bless people, places, and things that are used by humans in their goal of glorifying God with their lives.

Here is a list of eight ways to use holy water in your everyday life:



1. Bless yourself –  This suggestion is obvious, but if we are only blessing ourselves with holy water on Sunday, then aren’t we missing out on the rest of the week?  You can never have too much grace or blessing in your life.  Use holy water daily.  Keeping a holy water font in the home is a great idea so that you, your family, and guests can be blessed in the comings and goings from your home.  Keep the font right by the front door to ensure you never leave home without it.

2. Bless your house –  If you haven’t taken the time to bless your house with holy water, then no time is better than the present.  Your home is the domestic Church and is in need of spiritual protection.  You can sprinkle holy water in your home yourself, or have a priest formally bless your home using holy water as part of the blessing ceremony.

3. Bless your family – Use holy water to pray and make the Sign of the Cross over your spouse and children before they go to sleep at night. Bonding the family to each other and to God in this way is a great family tradition to adopt. Keep a holy water bottle by the bedside for this purpose.

4. Bless your work space – If you work outside of the home, sprinkling your work space with holy water is a great idea, not only for spiritual protection on the work front, but also as to sanctify your daily work for the glory of God.

5. Bless your car – The car is probably the most dangerous place where you spend a significant amount of time daily. Never underestimate the power of holy water applied to your vehicle to keep you safe from harm’s way, when used in faith and trust in God.

6. Bless your vegetable garden – It was a common practice in the Middle Ages for people to sprinkle their vegetable gardens with holy water.  In times when people were very dependent on crops for their livelihood, lack of rain or early frosts could be devastating. Using holy water to bless and sanctify the plants that would be used for the family’s sustenance showed their reliance on God’s grace.

7. Bless the sick –  If you know of any sick friends or family, then blessing them with holy water probably counts as a corporeal and a spiritual work of mercy.  If you visit the sick in a hospital or nursing home, bless their living space with holy water as well and leave a holy water bottle with them as a comfort in their time of need.

8. Bless your pets – Many parishes on the feast of St. Francis of Assisi have a rite of blessing for pets. Pets are loved companions for individuals and families and often provide a great service to them, and even these can be blessed with holy water because all creation has the end of giving glory to God. This also applies to livestock and farm animals that provide labor, livelihood, and nourishment to humans.


Find our selection of holy water bottles and holy water fonts here.


Here is a simple prayer to say when using holy water:

“By this holy water and by Your Precious Blood, wash away all my sins, O Lord. Amen.”

There is no specific prayer to pray when using holy water, other than the Sign of the Cross, “In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” You can also pray an Our Father or even the St. Michael the Archangel prayer when using holy water. Keep in mind that the holy water has already been blessed by the prayers of the priest.


How do you use holy water?

Holy water is one of those beautiful gifts (and weapons) from God to keep us sanctified and holy in our daily lives, and to keep the things we regularly use sanctified and holy. Hopefully if we stop and think of what a generous gift holy water is for us, we will use it more frequently, thoughtfully, and gratefully! Some parents even use holy water to bless things their children regularly use, such as bicycles and school books.  If you have other creative and faithful ways you use holy water to sanctify your everyday life, please comment below.





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  1. Bernadette says

    Also when using holy water, before blessing yourself when dipping your fingers in holy water drip some drops on the floor saying for the release of souls in purgatory, then bless yourself. Saying that little prayer and those few drops put many souls into Heaven.
    God bless you.

  2. Terry says

    Ever since I was a child, whenever I went in Church and dripped my fingers in the holy water to bless myself I also made a cross on each palm in
    rememberence of the two wounds that Jesus indured during his crucifixion .

  3. says

    I take it with when traveling. When I check into a motel or hotel room, I use it to bless the room.
    I feel the rooms have a history and many not so good. I go from room to room giving douse in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
    I like the prayer for those in purgatory,

  4. Phillip Ratliff says

    I’ve done all of these except the car. It takes converts to energize the church, I’ve found.

  5. Connie Guth says

    We bless ourselves when we walk out the door, I bless my house before going to bed every night and before I leave home, I bless our cars when we are going on a trip, I bless my kids clothing and shoes before they go on a trip without me. My Mom always said everyone usually has their shoes!

  6. Lisa says

    I bless my little granddaughter each night when we say our prayers that God will bless her and keep her safe.

  7. Michael-Anna McWyn says

    It’s good to have a Holy Water font by the door from which we exit and enter. I keep a bottle by my alter and use it before I kneel to pray. Thank for this wonderful reminder. Although I often pray when I drive, I hadn’t thought about blessing my car.

  8. Rebecca says

    My mom would always bless me before I went somewhere on my own, before a test or important event, or if I was going somewhere dangerous, or I was sick. She would bless me anytime she felt it was necessary.

  9. Max Tavern says

    Funny! You could bless and pray for someone without the use of this so-called holy water!

  10. says

    Hi Max, yes you can, but it would not be as powerful. Holy water is “backed” by the sacramental power of the Church. In this post you’ll find a link to a downloadable PDF that explains this in more detail.

  11. Mrs. Trinity Rose says

    You can also ask your Guardian Angel to use the Holy Water as you are making the sign of the cross and send a blessing to your grandchildren who might live far away and moms and dads of those kids.

  12. Alberta Fink says

    Dear Gretchen…Thank you for all this information about the Holy Water. I had a wonderful Aunt, that would do all the Blessings and until I read this I had forgotten how she would always bless my sister and myself, for whatever we did or wherever we’d go. It always made me feel ‘safe’ when she did it. This sure stirred up some memories for me. Thank you again……Sincerely, Alberta

  13. Donna says

    I was told by my mother that you can add regular water to Holy water to give you more as long as there was still some of the Holy water left in your bottle. I asked my parish priest and he just laughed at me and did not answer.Anyone know?

  14. says

    Thanks for the information. I knew about most of them but there is always room to learn new things. I believe in the love and mercy of our God, and I know that water is one of the most powerful weapons againts evil that we have. Spinkles or asperge holy water with faith upon all our daily activities, pray with faith and trust in God’s mercy and live towards you.

  15. Tricia says

    My cousin gave me a great ,,, she adds HW to her young sons bottle of hair detangler. Fixes hair and protects the child!

  16. says

    I bless myself,and my pets,my home,things in my home,sometime I would write a letter and put some Holy water on it to my daughter that is incarsarated.I forget to sometime.I have used it in my car,my Roserys,Stautes.My Bible.My children.My family when they are sick.There are many uses.Thank You and God Bless,i ask the Lord to help stop my heart from beating so fast,when it does it.And it works also.

  17. Theresa says

    Living in Central Kansas..we encounter severe storms. I use holy water to bless our house and land and animals and protect us from the storms. I remember as a child, my grandparents did this also.

  18. Maggie Lais says

    Thank you so much for this lovely reminder! My Grandfather always had Holy Water on hand, which I can remember him using before praying the Rosary. Maybe he used it whenever he prayed. I know he Baptized all his children at birth, and now assume he used Holy Water at those times, too.

    I also remember seeing the filled bottles of Holy Water lined up near the big front doors, just inside the church, where anyone could take a bottle. I eventually forgot how my grandfather used Holy Water, and began to see it as an extremely sacred item, one reserved for Priests only. (other than when entering the church). One of the many things I find endearing about the Catholic Church is the many forms of blessings available, such as for animals, clothing, boats, people, trees, and crops, to mention just a few. I will now get some Holy Water, and use it liberally!

    I am a ‘bellybutton’ Catholic, and I, too, have noticed the extra fervor with which a convert approaches their new Faith, and I think of it as a reminder to those of us born into the Faith, to remember the sanctity of what we have had in our lives since the beginning. Thank you again, Maggie

  19. Kay says

    I use Holy Water in all the above methods. Additionally, I sprinkle our suitcases with it when we travel, to prevent lost baggage! It always worked! I also keep a bottle in my bathroom, so as soon as I come out of the shower and dry off, I bless myself with it asking the Lord to make me clean on the inside as I am on the outside.
    I DO have a font at my front door, the thing is, the Holy Water never stays in. In a day it is all gone! The font is still there, but remains empty. I just bless my self going and coming without the Water. I wish there was a font that keeps the water in for at least a week at a time.

  20. Mary says

    I’m a teacher and blessed my classroom before school started this year. I wrote a prayer thanking God for giving me this vocation and asking His help in meeting the needs of my students. I also asked God to give me the grace and patience that I need to work with His beloved children and to keep us all safe. At a mass we attended the church gave out pill bottles of HW labeled with the name of the church. Since I can’t lead prayer or pray in front of students, I simply keep the extra HW on my desk. If someone initiates a conversation, I can answer questions, but I never bring up the HW or try to convert students since that would be unlawful.

  21. Therese says

    When my baby was just a newborn, he was crying like he was great in pain 1 night. We blessed him with Holy water. And almost immediately he stopped and calmed down. We use our Holy water frequently. My grandmother taught me a trick to place a small sponge fitted exactly in the font. Prevents it from drying out too fast! God bless you for reminding us all.

  22. Molly Murphey says

    Holy Water is very powerful to help the dying. That is the devil’s last chance to win a soul. Sprinkle your loved one, wipe his/her brow – repeat frequently until Our Lord has taken his/her soul.

  23. irene gonzales says

    Thank you everyone for all your good information on how to use Holy Water. I will now use my HW in all these different ways and enjoy all the graces that Holy Water gives.

  24. Judy Brown says

    Thank you for the information on Holy Water.
    Where can I purchase a Holy Water bottle and font for having as you enter our home?

  25. Harold, OP says

    Dominican tradition says the friars use holy water to sprinkle their brothers during Night prayer (Compline) while singing the Salve. I also do this even if I am alone, I sing the Salve while roaming around the house sprinkling holy water. For those who find it difficult to have the holy water to stay in the font for a week, try placing a sponge in it.

  26. says

    I fill a spray bottle from the dollar store with Holy water. I can spray all the rooms of my house. I also use Blessed Salt and sprinkle it around the outside perimeter of my home. When cooing, I use the Blessed Salt on our food. We need all the protection we can get.
    By the way. We have a large baptismal font at our church that is flowing with water. That is where we get our water.

  27. Linda Davel says

    I originally got HW from Church to have at my home to bless my baby grandson when comes to my house as his parents do not practice(pray for their return to the faith for me, please) and are having him Baptised in another church that is more lienient with what’s required. I have made my plea for a catholic baptism, but I can not force them to do it. I have twice ‘baptised’ my grandchild with the holy water and said the baptism rite over him. I know I am not a priest and it may not be official but I hope if before this child can decide on his own to convert God will protect him as he was baptized catholic by me first ! Thank you Catholic Co. for all the helpful insights you sent in your daily offerings on my pc

  28. Kathy says

    I use Holy Water in my First Holy Communion Class. We discuss Holy Water and the Children Bless themselves as they leave to keep God’s protection over them. It isn’t really a part of the lessons put I think it is important to give children more than what is in their books.

  29. Jim Faas says

    Thank you Gretchen…how long does Holy Water keep it’s blessing? I have had it at my bedside for 6 months or more. Thanks

  30. Linda Moses says

    I just read what everyone is saying about the holy water, now I’m going to get some so I can bless, my family my home also. Thank you all. May God Bless!

  31. Emmaculate kosgei says

    Praise be to God..i’ve now known the various ways to use holy water apart from blessing self,thank you..God bless

  32. Mary Wills says

    Today after Mass I noticed the Holy Water container at my Church & I resolved to get some for my home. I am grateful to all who have mentioned ways to use it that I had not thought of. Also, I did not plan on visiting this site..I was reading on the Eucharist & noticed this link, which is a blessing.

    Thanks to all.

  33. Tammy Jones says

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and stories. I blessed my dog a few weeks before he passed. I felt so at ease after I did. He was a family member!

  34. Lorayne says

    I put holy water in the small font I have at home. Now that it has evaporated the font has a lot of salt in it. I don’t know where it came from and what to do with it. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks and God Bless

  35. Rev. Patrick White says

    As a Chaplain i am often called upon to do many things which pertain to the Catholic faith. One thing that keeps me very busy is blessing a home. I use notes like this that you have and other information i read to be sure i deliver a Catholic spiritual blessing. I also use Holy water to bless a cross at the cemetery and other important functions and appreciate information like this to help guide me in my mission for the Lord as a Chaplain.

    Chaplain Patrick White
    1941 |Weston Road, Suite 203
    Toronto, Ontario M9N 1W8

    416-248-1252 E-Mail: thechaplainsoffice@yahoo.ca


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