Although gift giving is a common practice when celebrating any Sacrament, is it especially true of the Sacrament of Marriage. We love to shower new couples with love as they start a life together. Besides frying pans and bath towels, what are some unique gifts to give a Catholic couple? Here are some suggestions:

Blessings & Heirlooms

Help fill the new couple’s home with faith-based heirlooms to brighten their marriage. Great choices include couple’s rosaries, a beautiful marriage blessing, or a gift piece such as a serving platter, frame or a set of toasting flutes. Since the bride will likely have a new last initial, anything personalized or monogrammed would be thoughtful, too.


If you really know the couple’s decorative style, a piece of religious art makes a great gift. It’s not always something that a young couple can afford to buy for themselves, and it adds a touch of faith and personality to the home.


A Bible will be the most important book on their shelf – check out The Catholic Company’s selection of gift Bibles, many of which can be personalized with the couple’s name or initials. Among others, some great books for newlyweds include Three to Get Married by Ven. Fulton J. Sheen, or The Jeweler’s Shop, a play about love and marriage by Pope St. John Paul II.



Many cultural wedding traditions have been passed down through the generations. Even if these are not a part of your family heritage, you may wish to adopt a new tradition.


In South American cultures, wedding rosary lassos are a popular tradition. During the wedding ceremony, the large rosary is looped around the shoulders of the bride and groom to symbolize their unity.  The rosary may have two loops or a single long loop.


In Irish tradition, an Infant of Prague statue is considered a special wedding infant-prague-heavenly-protector-statue-2007714gift to the newly married couple.

Another Irish custom is the gift of a small wedding bell. The idea is that the couple will keep the bell in their home and ring it when they face a disagreement to remind themselves of their vows and their love.




The claddagh (CLOD – uh) seen on this white wedding bell is also an Irish tradition, signifying loyalty, love and friendship. Whether it adorns a unity candle, a ring or champagne flutes, a claddagh symbol can be a meaningful addition to the wedding day.




UntitledFor more Catholic wedding gifts and ideas, check out our Catholic Wedding Pinterest board.


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