In Expectation of Our Lord

First Sunday of Advent

Advent Prayers

“Almighty God, grant us the will to greet our Savior with our good works when He comes, so that we may be worthy to be on His right hand and possess the kingdom of heaven.”

~from In Conversation with God, Daily Meditations, Volume One: Advent and Christmastide

“O holy Abba God, we are an expectant people, always rushing to accomplish things, only to experience time slipping through our fingers. We expect things to improve, hoping that somehow we will not always put you, and our relationship with you, on the back burner of our lives. For this reason, we pause for a moment in prayer. Be with us during this season of Advent. Help us to come to an appreciation of “holy waiting.”

As once your people long ago waited for their Savior to be born, help us to enter into the spirit of celebrating the growing awareness of your Word in our lives. Let the power of your Word not be buried or forgotten because of the press of our other obligations.

The food that we share, the relationships that we celebrate, are all signs of your love. Help us appreciate them and enjoy your presence in each of the people, the events, and the experiences that make up our lives. We pray in the name of Jesus, the Savior. Amen.”

~ from The Essential Advent and Christmas Handbook

Advent Reflection

“The most high Father made known from heaven through His holy angel Gabriel this Word of the Father—so worthy, so holy and glorious—in the womb of the glorious Virgin Mary, from whose womb He received the flesh of our humanity and frailty. Though He was rich, He wished, together with the most Blessed Virgin, His mother, to choose poverty in the world beyond all else.”

~ from Advent and Christmas Wisdom from St. Francis of Assisi

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This article was originally published in December 2012. 

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  1. Sylvia Motes says

    What a beautiful way to start the Christmas Season … thinking of my loved ones and the gorgeous tapestry of my life whose colorful threads represent the many people whose paths have intersected with mine.

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