The Joy of Advent

Third Sunday of Advent

Advent Prayers

“With our whole heart, our whole soul, our whole mind, with our whole strength and fortitude, with our whole understanding, with all our powers, with every effort, every affection, every feeling, every desire and wish, let us love the Lord God. Who has given and gives to each one of us our whole body, our whole soul and our whole life, Who has created, redeemed and will save us by His mercy alone, Who did and does everything good for us.”

~ from Advent and Christmas Wisdom from St. Francis of Assisi

“O Almighty God, gracious provider and giver of life, we anxiously await the celebration of your birth. Like the people of long ago, our ancestors in faith, we, too, are in need of light, in need of direction, in need of your Word, to show us the way. Our busy lives and the consumerism that surrounds us make it difficult to recognize your kingdom and to hear your voice.  Help us Lord, to focus on you.We pray that you hear our prayer in the name of Jesus. Amen.”

~ from The Essential Advent and Christmas Handbook

Advent Reflection

“Let us get ready for Christmas by being close to Our Lady. Let us try, as well, to get ready for the Holy Season by encouraging an atmosphere of Christian peace where we live and work, and by doing all we can in small ways to bring pleasure and affection to those around us. People tend to be convinced that Christ has really been born in Bethlehem, and few things are more convincing that the habitual happiness of the Christian, even in the midst of pain and contradictions. Our Lady knew many such contradictions when she came to Bethlehem tired out and after such a long journey, and unable to find a place fit for the birth of her Son. But these problems did not cause her to lose her joy when god became Man, and dwelt amongst us. “

~from In Conversation with God, Daily Meditations, Volume One: Advent and Christmastide

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  1. Lydia Ann Martinex says

    I await for the birth of our Lord God. The door to my Home is opened wide to receive him with open arms, soul and my heart … I will rejoice and be glad .. For he is my Saviour, my Holy Father, my whole being .. I love Him with all my being … Because he first loved me before I was conceived … Amen!!

  2. Casandra Martinez says

    Kind and merciful God, thank you for today, thank for yesterday, and thank you for all the tomorrow’s that come. Sweet sacred heart of Jesus thank you for all your suffering and pain on my behalf and my fellow man. Holy Spirit thank you for never leaving me and helping me to always feel God’s presence within me. Blessed Virgin Mary thank you for interceding on behalf when I’ve needed it and being the benevolent mother you are to me, my family, and friends. I pray that you all continue to guide me and help me to be the best possible person I can and be worthy of all the many blessings you bestowed on me and continue to bestow on me!

  3. Delia says

    We await your coming. We will rejoice.
    Pray that my brother, family, friends and I come back safely from San Juan, Tx . Pray to continue to protect and watch over my children. Amen

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