April Birthstone RosaryOne of the most famous birthstones is the unique April birthstone, the diamond. Diamond is one of the famous gems throughout history. As many know, the diamond is the hardest substance on earth. The wonderful April birthstone is also known for its typical lack of color and unique ability to reflect light stunningly unlike most gems. The diamond has been used in crowns, swords, and rings throughout history as it is beautiful and has been said to have many powers.

Most are familiar with the diamond as the symbol and provider of everlasting love. Engagement rings are typically diamond rings for this reason. In the past it was believed that the diamond ring would bless a marriage with everlasting love as the diamond is the closest stone to everlasting. The April birthstone is praised as one of the most popular if not the most popular and cherished gemstone in history. Gemstone cutting and polishing has also made the typical diamond appear even more stunning and beautiful.

Today many have combined the stunning April birthstone with rosaries to make a personal and exquisite rosary. Granted diamonds are expensive and therefore to have a rosary with many small diamonds would be very expensive, therefore many who have an April birthstone rosary have it made of crystal so that it is both affordable and beautiful. Adding an April Birthstone to a rosary could be the special edition which will make your loved one fall in love not only with the beauty of the rosary but with the Blessed Mother as well. Diamonds and their crystal counterparts have an uncanny ability to draw the eyes of many and placing them on a rosary will hopefully draw your loved one to prayer. If you would like to learn more about birthstones and birthstone rosaries, then please see our Birthstone Rosaries Guide.

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