A Great Tradition for Kids! Making Small Sacrifices for the Baby Jesus During Advent

Baby Jesus Creche

Advent is known as “little Lent,” and prayer, alms, and sacrifices are an important part of the season. To help children participate in the true purpose of Advent (rather than treating it selfishly as a countdown to getting their presents on Christmas day), a visual teaching aid is most helpful.

For each small sacrifice or good deed done by a child during Advent, a piece of straw is added into the manger or creche. On Christmas day the Baby Jesus figure is placed inside the creche, and the prayers and sacrifices symbolized by the pieces of straw have added up to prepare Him a comfortable place to rest. This visually symbolizes the room for Jesus that we have prepared in our hearts by making sacrifices and doing good deeds for others.

A Prayer for Black Friday Shoppers


The day after Thanksgiving has become a cultural phenomenon called Black Friday. We’ve all seen those mad rushes to get the best sales of the year. While shopping is not a sin and gift-giving is a traditional and joyful part of Christmas celebrations, we as Christians should not get caught up in the materialism that drives it. Here is a prayer we wrote to help bring the right attitude of heart into our seasonal shopping this year.

Don’t Start Christmas without Advent: Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

Christmas starts with Advent

Advent is the beginning of a new liturgical year for the Roman Catholic Church. On the first day of Advent, which begins this year on December 1st, the Church celebrates its New Year’s Day. The date for the beginning of Advent falls each year on the Sunday closest to November 30th – the feast day of Saint Andrew the Apostle.

How to Add a Touch of Faith into Your Office Space

Adding Catholic art to your office space

Take a quick look around your office. How many reminders of your faith do you have?

Whether in the home or away from home, many of us spend a lot of time working in our office. There is no better way to be inspired to offer up your prayer and work to God every day (that is, to sanctify your daily work) than to have reminders of your faith in your work space. Over the course of our lives, it is one of the main places where our small, ordinary acts will add up to make us more or less holy:

The Feast of the Presentation of Mary: Popular Piety or Historical Event?

The Presentation of Mary in the Temple

Many Catholic sources claim that the Presentation of Mary has no historical basis. The account is only found in apocryphal (and historically unreliable) literature. The importance of the feast day, it is said, has only theological significance due to it’s connection to the Immaculate Conception and the fact that the Mary was in fact consecrated to God as a Holy Virgin.

However, there was a Catholic mystic, a prolific visionary, who has written an account of visions she received of the Presentation of Mary. This mystic and visionary wrote extensively about the life of Christ as well as the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary and her family, along with many other biblical figures. This mystic is Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, a nun, stigmatist, visionary, and ecstatic who was beatified by Pope John Paul II.

Without a Flinch: The Heroic Martyrdom of St. Barlaam of Antioch

The Martyrdom of St. Barlaam of Antioch

St. Barlaam of Antioch (also known as St. Barlaam the Martyr or St. Barlaam of Caesarea) was an early 4th century martyr with a glorious story of fortitude in the face of torture and an unlikely champion of the Church. St. Barlaam was an elderly, uneducated peasant jailed for his Christian faith as part of the persecution of the Roman Emperor Diocletian. When his trial arrived he was scourged, racked, and tortured for days in an attempt to force him to apostatize. After each inhumane trial he was asked to renounce his Christian faith. He refused.

Those Red Starbucks Cups? They Make the Perfect Canvas!

Catholic Art on Starbucks cups

You may have heard that those plain red Christmas coffee cups at Starbucks have caused quite a stir (no pun intended!). However, one Catholic artist found that they make the perfect canvas. Special thanks to John Andrew Sustaita for messaging us these great photos, he is truly a talented artist! Check out his Facebook page, Real Catholic Art. SACRED HEART OF […]

The Kneeling Santa: Where Popular Culture & Religious Devotion Meet

Kneeling Santa Figure

The Kneeling Santa was made popular by Christians who want to harmonize the love children have for Santa Claus (the popular rendition of the historic St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children) with the true meaning of the Advent and Christmas season—the birth of the world’s savior, Jesus Christ. If you’re looking for that combination of American culture and tradition without sacrificing deeper religious reverence, the Kneeling Santa collection is for you.

How to Celebrate Advent Like a Catholic

Celebrate Advent Like a Catholic

Does it seem to you that each year the holiday season gets busier and busier, and we get further and further away from the true meaning of the Advent and Christmas season?

The best way to combat this tendency is to adopt or renew Advent traditions in the home. Whether you are single, a busy parent with kids, or empty-nesters, you can celebrate Advent like you are actually anticipating the coming of Christ—which is the whole point. It’s a spiritual journey!