From The Association of Catholic Publishers (ACP),  here are the top selling Catholic books for the month of September 2010. These are the hard cover Catholic books:

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    Though the books is filled with reference to Catholic saints, mystics, and practices, I don’t think “Celebration of Discipline” is Catholic in title or author.

    Foster is a Quaker, and the book is not primarily geared toward Catholics.

    I’m not frustrated at the list, but just curious why Foster was included.

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    That is interesting. We’re not involved with the list making, so we’re not capable of answering the question. But, I can provide contact information to you if you’re interested in digging further.

    Association of Catholic Publishers
    11703 Huebner Road, Suite 106 – 622
    San Antonio, Texas 78230
    P: 210-368-2055
    F: 210-368-2601

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