January Birthstone RosaryThe January birthstone is the stunning garnet stone. Garnet is typically a deep red stone and gets its name from the Latin word “granatus” meaning “grain” or “seed.” The garnet got this name because of its odd resemblance to the pomegranate seed. One can find garnet throughout most of the world and it has been harvested for over 2,500 years. Therefore, many ancient legends and stories include the garnet.

According to legend, the garnet was hung on Noah’s Ark to light the way through the dark and stormy nights of the flood. Furthermore, garnet was used during the Middle Ages to cure diseases in the West such as the plague or Black Death. The garnet was also known to change color if their wearer was in danger and therefore became a prized jewel of the wealthy in Western history.

As one can see, many legends, myths, and powers have been attributed to the unique garnet stone. One can be sure that garnet is a deep and intriguing stone which has attracted people for years. The garnet has earned itself a name on the list of birthstones due to its history and has been given the title of the January birthstone. Many different gifts exist in which one can give this beautiful January birthstone, and therefore how does one decide how to give this January birthstone to a friend or loved one born in that month?

I encourage you to consider giving the January birthstone in the form of a rosary. Birthstone rosaries are beautiful treasures which include wonderful stones which have been praised for years. The January birthstone rosary brings one to prayer through its elegant beauty which is uniquely tied to the owner. If you would like to learn more about rosaries, please see my Birthstone Rosary Guide.

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