Gold/Sterling Silver Miraculous MedalOne of the things that caught me off-guard when I came to Belmont Abbey College was the number of people wearing saint medals.  I personally had never worn a saint medal or Catholic medal for that matter.  And many of the people I grew up with and around didn’t wear them either.  Naturally I was confused.  I began to wonder why people wore saint medals?  What was the purpose of these saints medals?  Why do so many Catholics wear them?  What do they do?  Well, I did some research and came to find out that people wear saint medals for all sorts of reasons.

Some people wear saint medals because that saint is their patron saint.  Some wear them as a sort of protection, that is, if the medal is blessed.  Some wear saint medals as a devotion or a reminder of a devotion.  I came to realize that most people took their saint medals very seriously and wear them all of the time, usually never or rarely taking them off.  Some people have had their saint medals since their Confirmation or Baptism.  The medal then reminded them of their naming as well as the sacrament.  Despite all of this research I was still confused as to why people wore saint medals with such affection and love.  I mean, it’s just a piece of medal, right?

Then it all finally made since to me.  I decided to look online and that’s how I found  This site explained what I was witnessing perfectly.  People tend to wear saint medals like they would wear a locket of a loved one.  They wear it with devotion, commitment, affection, and love.  This was at first shocking to me, but after some reflection I think that it certainly makes sense.  These saints pray for us; through their invocation we receive many blessings from God, and for that we ought to be thankful and affectionate.  If I invoked Saint Christopher and my sister was protected in a time of danger, then I would be wearing a St. Christopher medal every day!  Do you wear saint medals?  Does your family?  If so, why?

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  1. says

    Regarding wearing of saint medals,I wear the medal of Mary Help of Christians because I believe Mary helps me as a mother does. Also the miraculous medal because with my faith she has performed miracles in my life, like giving my family a benefactor who sent my 7 children to college. I wear the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel because she I believe in her promise to get my soul out of Purgatory on the Saturday after my death. I wear the crucifix because I love Jesus, our Redeemer. I wear the rosary because I believe it is the Blessed Virgin Mary’s powerful weapon against the Adversary.I pray it and the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy as often as I can.

  2. Brian says

    I wear a st. Christopher medal. I am a protestant Christian, even though I don’t believe in the communion of saints, I do however believe that saints can intercede to God on our behalf. I feel by wearing my st. Christopher, he knows that I’m wearing his medal and that he will ask God to bless me with protection. I don’t pray or ask anything of st. Christopher. I believe that he can sense when people are wearing his medals and can ask god to bless me. St. Christopher is in heaven with God, so he doesn’t have to pray to God, he can just go and personally ask God on my behalf. St. Christopher is a true saint, who can ask God to protect me in a time when I can’t reach out to God. I believe regardless of which, whether wearing the medal it not, God will always protect me. But it is very nice that st. Christopher can also ask His to bless me with protection. So that means more protection! I’ll take it. However, keep in mind when I do pray to God I always pray in Jesus’ name because he is my lots and savior. Also, in NO way do I idolize or worship st. Christopher. He is just a holy person in heaven who is glad to help when I wear his medal.

  3. says

    Hi Brian, the communion of saints means that saints can intercede to God on our behalf. :) It looks like you have a pretty good understanding of why we wear saint medals!

  4. Brian says

    Thanks for letting me know! Since I am a protestant Christian(non-denominational) and not catholic, I don’t have feasts over the saints as I would take communion in regards to Jesus. However, I truly do believe that the saints in heaven are with God and are willing to ask God on our behalf so God can help us. It just makes sense, I wear a st. Christopher medal, and then st. Christopher realizes when I do. I don’t pray it ask anything of st. Christopher but by wearing his medal, I do feel that ur knows I am. So therefore, st. Christopher asks God personally to protect anyone who is wearing his medals. So, I am blessed with protection by Gid with the help of st. Christopher. It’s really comforting to know by wearing this medal that I will be blessed with protection.

  5. Brian says

    I have a saint Christopher medal that I often wear. I am now apart of a Brethren church, so By being Brethren, I don’t pray to saints nor do I believe they can intercede for us. I do believe they are well known historical Christians that should be respected for their various legends. I usually wear a cross but from time to time I will put on my saint Christopher medal. It reminds me of his unique legend, and he is a good model Christian.

  6. Sarah says

    I wear them because of protection. It feels safe knwing saints in heaven is protecting to me. I also wear them beacsue i think I had to do the favor back, while they are praying for us I’m doing nothing so I wear them reminding me that someone is always looking after me.

  7. jessica harrell says

    I found one in a store and it seemed to kinda speak to me, no I’m not crazy, but I didn’t understand the meaning of it so I looked it up. I am 18 and in love with this necklace. I wear it, but not knowing the meaning of the thing I wear, this site has helped me understand it. Thanks for helping me understand.

  8. says

    You are welcome Jessica! We are so glad you found our post. The saints in heaven do pray for us, and you can be assured that the saint you are wearing will be praying for you specifically. And, you can pray to them too! Their job is to lead you to heaven.

  9. says

    Ugh whatever people ..wake up. Stop idolizing. I don’t care about a necklace or the vessels. I put my faith Only with God. Christ is the way straight up.

  10. says

    Hi Sanichka, the saints are our brothers and sisters in the faith who lived for Christ in a heroic way while they lived. In Christ we are a family and we honor and pray for one another, encourage one another to good works, and even imitate one another, for example St. Paul tells us to imitate him as he imitates Christ. The saints in heaven are with Christ right now, and they are more alive than we are; they pray for us to better serve Christ on earth so we can join them in heaven. It is not idolatry to ask the saints in heaven to pray for you and to have holy reminders of them – this practice is as old as the Church itself – and part of the communion of saints that Christians benefit from. It is a gift fro God to have brothers and sisters in heaven to encourage us in our walk with Christ.

  11. Anne says

    Thank you, Gretchen. Your comments are so loving, even to those who disagree with you. I’m a protestant, too, and just learning about medals and praying to saints from the example of a Catholic friend. I have started wearing a medal of the Divine Mercy picture and one of Mary undoer of knots because I have started praying those prayers. Thank you so much for your explanation above of why people wear them , so I can understand better.

  12. says

    You are welcome Anne! Discovering the saints is like discovering treasure. It is great to hear that you are making use of sacramentals (the medals) and praying the prayers. There is so much grace that comes through making us of the treasures that God in his generosity has given us to help strengthen our faith – after all, he knows we humans are so weak and need all the help we can get!

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