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November 30 is the feast day of St. Andrew the Apostle. St. Andrew was the very first disciple called by Our Lord, and he is the one who got his brother, St. Peter, to become Jesus’ disciple too.  We all know how the rest turned out.

The feast day of St. Andrew also marks the end of the liturgical year and the beginning of the new one on the first Sunday of Advent.

There are many popular traditions associated with St. Andrew’s feast day, especially in those countries that have him as their patron saint, Scotland and Russia.

But the most popular St. Andrew’s feast day tradition is for everyone, and that is the tradition to begin a Christmas novena prayer on St. Andrew’s feast day.

It’s called the St. Andrew Christmas Novena, or more simply, The Christmas Novena, and it’s a wonderful way to enter into the Advent season that is marked by a time of anticipation, penance, and prayer.  While the origins of this prayer are unknown, it is over 100 years old at least and may have come from Ireland.

If the St. Andrew novena was prayed as a traditional nine-day novena, it would end on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8.  However, this novena prayer is actually traditionally prayed much longer than nine days—it is prayed through all four weeks of Advent.  

It is piously believed that whoever recites the St. Andrew Christmas prayer FIFTEEN (!) times each day from the feast of St. Andrew (30th November) until Christmas Eve will obtain the favor requested.


And here it is!  It won’t be easy to pray this novena 15 times a day for 25 days, but if you are able to, this prayer will undoubtedly leave your heart well-prepared to welcome the coming of Christ. The beauty and sweetness of this prayer will unfold for you through its daily recitation, allowing you to meditate more fully on the profound mystery of the Incarnation.

Go ahead and memorize it, copy and save it to your desktop, print it out and stick it on your car dashboard, write it on your arm, or whatever you need to do to help you remember to pray it each day until Christmas Eve.


Saint Andrew Christmas Novena

Hail and blessed be the hour and moment in which the Son of God was born Of the most pure Virgin Mary, at midnight, in Bethlehem, in the piercing cold. In that hour vouchsafe, I beseech Thee, O my God, to hear my prayer and grant my desires through the merits of Our Savior Jesus Christ, and of His blessed Mother. Amen.


Prayer is an essential part of Advent. Reciting this special novena prayer each day is a simple yet beautiful way to celebrate the spiritual significance of the Advent season and to experience a deeper conversion to Jesus.  The St. Andrew Christmas novena is commonly found in many Advent prayer books which are also loaded with many other beautiful prayers and traditions for this time of year.

Have you made the St. Andrew Christmas novena a part of your Advent prayers in the past? If so, what blessings and graces did you receive?

St Andrew Christmas Novena Prayer

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  1. Jason Schaum says

    Love it, thanks Gretchen. Did not know about this, but I am throwing it in the mix for Advent. Andrew is my Confirmation Name, so I especially like this prayer; plus, I love finding long-time church prayers & practices and reviving them in my own prayer life.

  2. says

    Fantastic! Happy St. Andrew’s feast day! You especially will get a lot out of this prayer with St. Andrew as your patron. I’m going to attempt this prayer too this Advent–for the first time. And I totally agree with you about finding long-time Catholic prayers and practices. There are loads around Christmas time, for example, St. Nicholas day (Dec. 6) where the kids leave their shoes out and find them filled with treats in the morning (St. Therese talks about this practice in her family) and St. Lucy’s day (Dec. 13) with a special procession at her feast day mass with little girls holding candles.

  3. kathy says

    I thought you might like to know that the novena to the Holy Spirit is the oldest novena in the church. At one time long,long ago,the novena to the Holy Spirit was the only novena acknowledged by the church.

  4. Jason Schaum says

    Rick Steves had a European Christmas special on PBS which featured a St Lucy procession, I think it was in a Scandinavian country. The little blonde girls did look like little angels with their candles. Bits of Europe seem to hold on to the traditions, despite the secularization said to be taking place. Hope these traditions become more widely adopted, instead of fading. Nothing is impossible with Our Lord, I s’pose…

  5. Mark says

    My late wife Rosann (God rest her soul) was a dialysis patient for several years. She suffered many other ailments, mostly with saintly acceptance, but the dialysis was a true torment for her. The thrice weekly treatment filled her with dread the preceding day. She often refused to go and I had to take her forcibly to get her to her appointments. Some patients talked about being wheeled to a beach somewhere and just being left to die.
    Rosann sympathized with that notion or desire.
    One day she heard of the St. Andrew Novena. She loved the saints, most loved was Our Lady, but a favorite was St Anthony who had helped her find many lost items, dogs and even children, one 6 year old girl lost in a pig barn at the State Fair.
    She turned to St. Andrew for intercession.
    Her petition was to be off dialysis one way or the other (morte) by Christmas. She began the novena with great confidence. As I remember she was crying one day because she fell asleep before finishing the prayers. I assured her Our Lord understood her and her abilities, that she had no worries about her prayers being denied because of a couple hours sleep.
    Her novena continued.
    A few days before Christmas her doctor informed Rosann that her “levels” were looking good and the doctor was taking her off dialysis for one week and “one week only”. I should say Rosann was a difficult patient at times. Rosann informed her doctor, who was a practicing catholic, that St Andrew would be the judge of that.
    Rosann was off dialysis for almost five years.
    Her kidneys maintained about 20% function through that time.
    Rosann passed away July of 2011, she had recently returned to a dialysis regiment and her passing was marked by God’s grace in many ways.
    God’s will, St. Andrews intercession and Rosann’s faith – Three things I am most sure of.
    Lord have mercy on us.
    St. Andrew pray for us.

  6. says

    This is my first year saying the Christmas Novena of St. Andrew. I’ve been dealing with Seasonal depression and just want some Heavenly intercession. I am hopeful after hearing everyone praise St. Andrew.
    My “go to guys” are usually St. Anthony & St. Dominic who have assisted with my many blessings already.
    So, Thank You for posting this prayer as well. :)

  7. Suzanne says

    Hi. This is my first time hearing about the St. Andrew Advent novena prayer. I know I am late but does anyone know if it would be ok to start the prayer today. Thank you

  8. Vicena Moguel says

    Hi, My family, friends, and I have been saying this Novena for more than 40 years. It has become my tradition to distribute copies of this Novena every year. Some people have asked me if I have this in Spanish and Chinese…do you know of anyone who has this in the said languages or can probably translate them in both languages? I will truly appreciate it if we can obtain this prayer translated in Spanish and Chinese. Thank you so much and God bless you.

  9. Irish Kathy says

    I have prayed this prayer every year for as long as I can remember. It is literally a family tradition. It was originally suggested to my Mom by a friend she worked with before she was married to my Dad. There is usually some discernable benefit from praying it, even if it’s of a spiritual nature. BTW, keep praying it, even if you miss some days along the way, or don’t pray it 15 times on a particular day. It’s the persistence with the prayer that’s most important.

  10. mariaelena says


  11. Janine says

    Thank you very much for sharing the Saint Andrew Christmas Novena. I was searching for a special novena to recite for my upcoming milestone birthday on Christmas Eve, and this is the one. My best wishes to all for a most Peaceful, Holy and Blessed Christmas.

  12. A. Hickson says

    Ave Maria,this will be the first year I will be reciting this Novena to St Andrew as I will be praying for him to intercede for my sons to return to their Catholic Faith and to find steady jobs. Thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention. Wishing you all out there A Very Joyfilled and Blessed Christmas and A Prosperous & Happier New Year!

  13. David Dodd says

    The miracle of the Christmas Novena 40 Years Later by James M. Craciun

    It was November 30,1961 and I was in the fifth grade at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic School. I fondly remember Mother Agatha, a Trinitarian sister who was my teacher. She was the first teacher to inspire in me the appreciation of our great American history. She since has gone on to her just reward.

    On that cold November day, the feast of St Andrew the Apostle, sister taught us to pray a novena. She called it the Christmas Novena. She said that if we said this prayer 15 times each night starting on the feast of St Andrew (November 30) until Christmas Eve we could ask God for anything we wanted.

    Wow I thought. This would be great. So faithfully with the innocence of the child I was, I began my Christmas Novena and this is it:

    Hail and blessed be the hour and moment in which the Son of God was born of the most pure virgin Mary at midnight in Bethlehem in the piercing cold. At that hour vouch-safe, oh my God, to hear my prayer and grant my desires through the merits of our Savior Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother Amen.

    So here it was the day before Christmas .-Our family name, Cracium, means Christmas in Romanian, the nationality I am on my fathers-side of the family. I would be going caroling, as was our Romanian tradition with the kids group of St. Helena’s Romanian Byzantine Church. My mother and father would be cooking many kinds of fish for the Italian Vigil of Christmas Eve. I was also half Italian as my mother’s parents came from Italy.

    Well, I said my novena, and began to ask God for my requests-, I had quite a long list. You see, my brother Joe, a freshman at St. Edward High School, was In the hospital dying of tuberculosis of the kidneys. He had unpasteurized milk on a family trip and was the only one to get sick. God I said, You must cure my brother.

    My dad, who received the Purple Heart in World War II, had reached the point where he could barely walk. He was a big man, so I asked God that as bad as his leg and back would get he would always be able walk to keep his independence.
    My oldest brother was in a gang that caused a big ruckus at old West High School (West Side Story) that was playing at theaters then, was reality in our neighborhoods. The West 58th Street Boys, Southside Gang, Halloran Park Boys and the 117 Street Gang would put the fear of God in any kid who drifted from his own neighborhood. Please, God, I prayed. Don’t ,let my brother Jack get killed or be sent to jail.
    I asked God next for a Cadillac. You see, my dad, was a funeral director and we all lived upstairs from the funeral parlor. Berry’s funeral home down the street had a shiny new Cadillac and Dad had a big Buick. It was a great car but Dad needed a Cadillac.
    Now it was time for my request. I had served Mass every Christmas since I became an altar boy, but this year I was not chosen so that, another boy would have a chance. I was angry, God, if this novena is really true, I will serve Mass tomorrow.

    On Christmas morning, even with my brother so sick, Mom and Dad had
    a Christmas morning for us. We went to 9:30 a.m. Mass. The bell rang and
    one altar boy came out with the priest. I ran Into the sacristy as last as I could
    to serve Mass, I said, Thank you God.

    Today, I am married to a wonderful wife and have five precious children. My brother Joe is my partner in the funeral homes Jack Is do great and never went to jail. My dad got his Cadillac a month later. He died in 1985 and could walk a bit until his last day on earth. I can tell you this novena works and there are miracles to be had this Christmas. Thank you Mother Agatha and thank you God. Reprinted from Catholic Universe Bulletin All Rights Reserved

  14. Marian Waguespack says

    This is a beautiful novena and a great way to focus on the real meaning of the Advent season. I say the novena every year. Thanks for publishing it! Have wonderful holiday season. Thank you. Marian

  15. Rose says

    I’m so thankful to have seen this Novena. I grew up with my mother swearing by this prayer. She used it so many times. I can’t wait to start praying this as I have a heavy heart and I will start it now. Thank you for sharing this.

  16. Emma says

    i’m so happy to be a Catholic and thanks to this web site since this is my first time to hear about the St. Andrew Novena. Thanks a lot God Bless!

  17. Christina (TINA) says

    I am a Roman Catholic l like to take a trip to Roman Yes two week. l pray all the time l am bless so many time and more are coming. I am a cancer savvier four times, l say why me yes l have many stories to talk about am bless to have three beautiful children. l am happy that l can help others and can cook good. l hope the Lord keep me as a shadow of this eyes. God Bless this world we live in l am very Happy to be a Roman Catholic. LOVE YOU>

  18. kath says

    I prayed this novena 11 or so years ago . I wrote on the back a quota from M,ark’s gospel “Ask and you shall receive, knock..”etc On the back of the card I wrote, I pray to marry a good, catholic man before I am thirty and have two children..” My prayer was answered. I believe in this prayer. I believe in the power of prayer.
    God does listen, hear all our prayers. We must trust in the Lord.. Seek Him o

    I have witnessed miracles, prayed and been apart of miracles. We all are miracles.. Just believe. There’s this one word.. HOPE… I live by this word alone
    Amen xox


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