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Good, Better, Best: Fostering Good Work Habits in Children

Good, Better, Best: Fostering Good Work Habits in Children

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Product Description

  • Miracles DO happen!!!
  • Five specific work-related habits
  • The building blocks of good work
  • Work has purpose and responsibility means trust


Mothers and fathers are the original human resource managers! Whatever the era or circumstances, their challenges remain constant: to pass on a legacy of positive work attitudes and to foster work-related habits.

Good, Better, Best takes the exploration of children’s work a step beyond helping children understand the meaning, purpose, and value of work. A five year old may understand that he has to clean up his toys, but how does he approach his task? A preteen may follow a homework routine faithfully, but does she go about her studies with gloom and dread? An adolescent on the football team may exert himself in practice, but how good a team player is he?

In this book, five specific work-related habits are in focus: diligence, order, responsibility, cooperation, and cheerfulness. They are the building blocks of good work, not random or occasional attempts to tackle a task. Rather, they are purposeful and sustained approaches that take time and considerable training to develop. When they are practiced naturally, quickly, constantly, and with ease, they evolve into stable qualities of the human personality (virtues).

Motivating children to do their work (play, school work, household chores, hobbies, sports), and to sustain, and complete tasks well, are the challenges of parents, caregivers, and teachers. This sequel to The Work of Children is an inspirational guide to help them in that process.


Dimensions & Specificzations

  • 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches
  • 150 pages
  • Softcover


ISBN: 9781594171918
Language: English

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This item has not been rated.
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