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The Holy Land Rosary (DVD)

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Praying the rosary we enter into intimate communion with Mary, the Mother of God. Now pray this powerful prayer with Jesuit scripture scholar, Father Mitch Pacwa.

In the Holy Land Rosary, Father Pacwa leads the Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, and Luminous Mysteries from the places in the Holy Land where the events actually occured, providing the numerous relevant scriputral references.

Don't miss this unforgettable prayer experience, from the land of our Saviour and His most holy Mother. As shown on EWTN.

This DVD runs for approximately 37 minutes.

Language: English
Format: DVD

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Reviews - The Holy Land Rosary (DVD)

Average Customer Rating
(4.83/5 Stars, 12 Ratings) Based on 12 Reviews

I like the way the rosary is explained.

Review: The rosary in the holy land is great because it transports you to the places that Jesus walked on. Father Mitch Pacwa does a great job. Best Uses: Everyday; Cons: none; Pros: Great

Excellent way to pray the rosary daily

Review: I love praying the rosary while viewing where Jesus walked. It truly helps me to think on the mysteries of the Gospel. I can focus on Jesus! Wait until you see the Garden of Gethsemane and its 2,000-year-old-trees... I am giving these for Christmas to family because of the peace that praying with Fr. Mitch at the Holy Land has brought me. Each Mystery takes about twelve to fifteen minutes, but restores my faith for the whole day. What a powerful weapon for the family!

Love this DVD!

Review: When my family sets down to say the rosary, we all can follow along from myself to my 8 year old Son. For new Catholics such as myself this is a valuable tool for spiritual warfare. Best Uses: Anytime; Cons: none; Pros: Captions are awesome, Easy to follow along

Beautiful and calming experience!!!!!

Review: Thank you for giving me the ability to say the Rosary with others.

I love this DVD

Review: This DVD makes praying the rosary all the more beautiful.

Great way to meditate

Review: This was my only chance to see the Holy Land and meditate on the Rosary. To see where Our Blessed Mother had passed was simply amazing. It made a whole new life to my Rosary and really enjoyed saying with others cause I'm home-bound. Pros: Great dvd

Great gift idea!

Review: I can focus so much better on the Rosary while watching this DVD. It is unlikely that we'll ever make a trip to the Holy Land, and this DVD gives us a small glimpse of the places where Jesus lived and died for us. Best Uses: Meditation for the Rosary; Pros: Great aid for prayer time

Best purchase of the year! Bought 2!

Review: I play it for several participants at Adult Day Center frequently. Also, I can now say the Rosary on my schedule because I also bought my copy for home use. Sometimes, if I'd miss some or all of the Rosary with the EWTN TV channel, I wouldn't get the Rosary said that day. And I'm not a very pleasant human without a rosary to balance me out, this meditation smooths out my rough edges. I've wanted it for years...Thank you for making it available on DVD. I can use it in computer at work on lunch hour, too.

Extremely well done and documented

Review: The best way to pray the rosary and to feel that there is interaction with others. Learn and see where Jesus was born and lived. Hear references from the bible that can motivate a person to read more in the bible. Best Uses: Great way to pray, See the places, To meditate; Cons: none; Pros: Clarity, Good pace, Well illustrated

A Very Nice DVD

Review: My husband and I really like this DVD. It's so nice to have a visual and see where the events actually took place. A great purchase!

This DVD really delivered!

Review: It really brought back memories of a personal trip to the Holy Land a few years ago. Sometimes I found my mind wandering off the mysteries but still the focus was on Jesus and all the stories surrounding Him, the disciples and Mary. I did however, feel that the quality could have been a bit better. Still, I'd recommend it to a friend. I'm pleased with it. Best Uses: Family rosary, Great "loaner" for friend; Cons: Picture quality only OK; Pros: Makes you focus, Peaceful and beautiful

My husband joins me now

Review: In this Holy Land Rosary DVD, the visual presentation of biblical sites in the Holy Land, is truly inspiring as you reflect while saying your rosary. It's easier now, to get my husband to join me, so we can enjoy this special time together, in receiving the Rosary graces that flow from Mary. Best Uses: Best way to share; Pros: Visual aids inspiring
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