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Holy Trinity Icon (Rublev) Window Hang, 9 inch x 12 inch

Holy Trinity Icon (Rublev) Window Hang, 9 inch x 12 inch

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Product Description

  • Holy Trinity Icon Window Hang
  • A famous icon steeped in tradition
  • A replica from one of the finest works of St. Andrei Rublev
  • Printed onto transparent museum-grade cotton paper
  • Lightweight & easily transportable


St. Andrei Rublev  composed and proclaimed the Gospel with paints rather than with words — he was an iconographer (a person who writes/paints icons).  For nearly 600 years his icons have shown the Divine splendor, radiance, joy and love that have surpassed so many other icons of any era. Born in Moscow, Andrei demonstrated early in his life that he was destined for greatness not in the ‘worldly’ sense, but in a sense of humility and great love. Through his most famous icon, the “Holy Trinity”, he has eloquently preached a sincere and magnificent sermon about the nature of the Holy Trinity.  None but a true saint could have produced such a marvel of beauty and truth. This image shows the three divine persons of the Holy Trinity sharing a meal, symbolic of their communion and unity. This replica of Rublev's famous Holy Trinity icon is printed by a professional photographer onto transparent museum-quality cotton/satin cloth with archival pigments. The printed cloth is then hand-sewn with reeds to hold the cloth at the top and bottom. Because the reeds are hand-cut, sizes will vary slightly. This iconic image of this most Holy Mystery will illlumine beautifully in a window, helping to cultivate the spiritual dispositions of patience, joy, humility, harmony, and love in those who look upon the Trinity gathered around the table.

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Measures 9" (W) x 12" (L)
  • Includes window suction cup
  • Retains bold colors in harsh sunlight
  • Hand-sewn with reeds
  • Sizes may vary slightly

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This item has not been rated.
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