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The Horse and His Boy

The Horse and His Boy

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Product Description

The third book in The Chronicles of Narnia

This is the story of an adventure that happened in Narnia and Calormen and the lands between, in the Golden Age when Peter was High King in Narnia and his brother and his two sisters were King and Queens under him. It is during this glorious era in Narnian history that Shasta, a young boy living in Calormen with a cruel man who claims to be his father, dreams of traveling to the unknown North.

Shasta discovers he is not the son of Arsheesh, the Calormene fisherman, the orphaned boy and a kidnapped horse decide to run far away to the North--to Narnia. When he is mistaken for another runaway, Shasta is led to discover who he really is and even finds his real father.

Available as hardcover (Item #1005621), softcover (Item #1005622), CD (Item #8001563) or Tape (Item #8001562

ISBN: 0060510552
Author: C.S. Lewis
Pages: 240
Language: English
Occasion: Summer Vacation

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This item has not been rated.
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