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The How-To Book of Sacramentals

The How-To Book of Sacramentals

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Sacramentals - Sacred signs (objects or actions) possessing a likeness to the sacraments that impart grace according to the disposition of the recipient and the intercession of the Church.

Holy water, rosaries, the Sign of the Cross, palm branches...The list of sacramentals goes on and on. To a lifelong Catholic, they seem a natural part of living the Faith. To someone who has recently joined the Church, they're newfound treasures.

Here's a great source on information about your favorite sacramentals and ways to discover some new ones. And it's perfect if you're unfamiliar with these aids to prayer (and grace!) and are looking for a concise, accurate, readable explanation of what sacramentals are ... and aren't!

In this complete guide you receive:


  • A brief history of each sacramental

  • Best ways to pray with a sacramental

  • The traditional prayer associated with a particular item or action

  • Suggestions for incorporating sacramentals into one's own prayer life and daily routine

  • An explanation of indulgences

You'll discover:
Which sacramentals best "fit" you.
New sacramentals you may not have encountered.
A fresh appreciation for sacramentals you've used in the past.
Ways to explain to friends or family members why Catholics use sacramentals.
How to help young or newly baptized Catholics take advantage of this tremendous source of grace!

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Dimensions & Specifications

  • ISBN: 9781592760961
  • Author: Ann Ball
  • Format: Softcover
  • Pages: 336
  • Language: English
  • Occasion: RCIA

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Reviews - The How-To Book of Sacramentals

Average Customer Rating
(3.00/5 Stars, 1 Ratings) Based on 1 Reviews

Helpful but not that much

Review: I would have given this reference book a much higher ratings but I was disappointed in the fact that the writer also touched on some customs like the "Dia Del Muerto" customs which for me bordered on superstitions and was surprised to see it counted as sacramentals. I would have expected the author to expand further on Holy Water, Rosary, Medals etc rather that a brief historical description. What we need here is "why" so to help us defend our faith to the various Christian denominations. Best Uses: Reference; Cons: Disappointing; Describe Yourself: Bookworm; Pros: Easy To Read, Informative, Well Written
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